Tips for Writing a Thesis

Writing a thesis can be hard if you’re not used to writing a lot of words or if you don’t have prior research experience. Most Master’s and Ph.D. require a thesis component and if doing higher studies is one of your goals then you will have to get used to the knack of writing and researching. A thesis requires a lot of structure and when you have to write many chapters, you will need to learn how to write constructively. When you decide to dedicate towards a thesis, it takes enormous energy and study to go into detail and contribute original research. The point of writing a thesis is so that you can bring in some of your own ideas to the subject and contribute to the knowledge that is already there.How to write a good thesis

Here are a few tips for writing a thesis for academia:

1) Learn how to write – A planning degree will usually require a lot of writing and getting familiar with the theory. You will be marked and judged on your writing skills, and your knowledge about the subject. So it would be good if you can learn what you are interested in and learn to write about that topic. Start by writing small articles or essays and then learn to slowly improve your writing skills. If you have done undergraduate studies, then you will have written a lot of essays so this will be useful preparation to improve your writing skills.

2) Learn what interests you – It is important to know what you like and want to specialize in because higher studies are all about going in depth on a topic and learning more about the specialization. Writing generally is not useful anymore because although some background might be needed, most of the writing will go into detail as you learn more about the topic. To do this, you need to find out what you are interested in, even if it is in urban planning, you will need to choose a specific niche that you can contribute original research. So start by learning about yourself and what you want to learn more about.

3) Learn how to research – Research techniques such as primary and secondary research, will be useful as you learn how to research and what information you will need to write your thesis. As mentioned before start by a simple google search to see if you are interested in the topic because when you write a thesis, you cannot write about something that doesn’t interest you, especially if you are doing a Ph.D. So learn to read more books on what interests you and see how you can contribute your own ideas to further the research topic.

4) Be creative – Being creative is one of the main aspects of doing a thesis. You will need to be creative with your methodology and the way you present your data. Even with your writing style, you will need to be creative in using your language, so that the reader and marker are drawn towards your thesis. It would be useful to learn how to use your creativity in your research.

5) Talk to people and network – It will be useful to talk to people who have already done research and written a thesis on topics if you need any assistance or further help with your research. Your supervisor will be one of the main resources for your thesis, but if you want to get more information, it will be useful to network with your colleagues or other students who are also in the same boat as you. Make use of the facilities your college or university offers and try to make the best of your library resources. People who have already done a similar thesis as you will be able to guide you and help you with your thesis.

The above tips will be helpful for anyone wanting to conduct a thesis. As with anything, it will take some practice, but with time you can surely get there. So, don’t be scared of committing towards a thesis or large writing assignments because they will only help you with your future goals if you want to choose academia. As with anything, there are many more things involved when you embark on a thesis but with the above tips, you can learn to tackle them!