No – Bangalore will NOT cease to be livable in next 5 years !!!

From a few days “The Bangalore We Know Will Cease To Be Livable In 5 Years According To Scientists” is making headlines and getting viral. But here is why you need to STOP, READ & THINK !!!

Get the sources & facts right!!!

The information being provided on different websites says it is as per a study done by IISC and scientists. The only two names mentioned in the very very short article on most of the website includes  “Urban expert Ashwin Mahesh” &” Environmentalist Yellappa Reddy” who held Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) & Government for unplanned development of the city & rapid urbanisation.

The “study” by scientist from IISC is titled “Spatial Patterns of Urban Growth with Globalisation in India’s Silicon Valley” and not anything like “Bangalore will be dead or unlivable”. To read the study kindly click here . If you find it boring then skip the long details and methods adopted & read the conclusion.  

The study shows how the built up area has increased significantly in the past 15 years and past 4 years. It no where says anything about the death of the city nor does it give any hint/statement/comment/warning about quality of life in the city or the future living conditions.

Bangalore will NOT be dead in next 5 years

This study has been highlighted by “firstpost“. Their article stresses on the reduced green cover in last 15 years and the increase in population. Well, according to us this is a issue but what do you expect from a city with IT industry and huge opportunity. The whole IT sector came to India in late 1990s which is the reason for the very existence and the rapid urbanisation in Bangalore, before this the level of urbanisation was less and since land is vacant its “natural” to have forest/trees present. This when combined with the large number of lakes and water bodies, the presence of trees is natural. Once the land is put to use the trees/forests have to be cut !!! This is not new or a crime this is how humans have evolved and do all the time. We do not encourage cutting of trees but the way this information is being stated is wrong. Cutting the trees without permission is crime but for developing city due permission is taken by the development authorities and concerned agencies from the forest and environment departments.

There is something called as “Master Plan”

Yes, you read it right. Cheers for those who are aware about it and we are here to help for those who are unfamiliar with it. Master Plan is a legal (prepared by govt, notified, can be quoted in court if someone go against it etc etc). It is a document which gives major highlights how the city will develop in coming years provides a vision for the city. The vision could be for next 10, 15 or 20 years. All development taking place in the city must be according to the rules stated in this document else legal action can be taken against defaulters. All the calculation about the increasing population, land available, houses available and new houses required, water, electricity, green areas, parks, buses, cars, trains , airports and almost everything which is required by a human is considered before making it. It is prepared by hundred and thousands of people who are involved directly or indirectly.

You can get complete master plan from website of Bangalore Development Authority by clicking here

What should be done now?

Help us in spreading this information and stop panicking (if you were). Try collecting more facts and then reach to any conclusion. Those who did the study have their conclusion and read it. Do not get carried away by articles which do not even state any facts or provide proper link to the actual study or facts. However we do and want you also to save our environment in all possible ways and help making complete Earth and not just our beloved Bangalore a better place to live 🙂

You can get more information here on why Bangalore will not be dead but need attention.
We fight for the planned development for our urban and rural areas and would like you to read more about it on our website. You may check the list of “Urban Planning Colleges in India“, read about “Land Use Planning” which is one of the most important part of preparing any master plan, explore” different types of development plans” in India as per which development takes place.

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