Can AI be detected if it is used for paraphrasing?


Paraphrasing is an important writing technique that is used to make the content unique and effective. Whether you are a blogger or a student, you might have paraphrased your text at some point.

Even though paraphrasing can be done manually, many AI language models and tools have been developed to do this automatically.


So, can you detect if the paraphrasing has been done by AI (Artificial Intelligence) or manually?

Yes, it can be. But you will have to put in some work to do that.

That’s what we are going to learn in this blog. Here, we will provide you with different methods that you can employ to tell if the paraphrased content is manually created or with the help of AI.

But first, let’s discuss…

Why Detecting if AI is Used for Paraphrasing?

Detecting AI that is used in the paraphrased content can be done for several reasons. For example, if you are a teacher and have assigned your students to rewrite an essay on their own, checking AI from the paraphrased text will be beneficial.

This will let you know if the student paraphrased the essay on their own or with the help of a paraphrasing tool.


No doubt, AI paraphraser tools are beneficial in many ways. They save time and provide more accurate results. But there’s only one drawback to this. These tools, when overused, compromise the creative ability of rewriting a written passage manually.

This is another reason why checking if AI was used for paraphrasing can be a good idea.

 Since Artificial Intelligence has become more advanced, the paraphrased content it generates is also becoming more natural. This thing has made it hard for people to detect it. But there are some methods that you can use to do this.

Methods to Detect AI Paraphrased Content

There are two ways to detect AI paraphrased content. One is a manual way, and the other is automatic. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. The Automatic Way of Detecting AI Paraphrased Content

This method includes using an AI content detector tool. There are many tools available on the Internet that can help you with this.


These tools collect the given data and use different NLP algorithms to analyze if the content was generated originally or with the help of AI. Here’s how it can be beneficial for you to go for a tool to check the AI paraphrased content:

  • They’re easily available. Most of these tools provide their services for free without charging anything. (Premium tools are also available)
  • You can scan a large piece of content in a matter of seconds without having to spend hours on manual proofreading.
  • They are authoritative enough to be added to a performance report.

However, the problem with using these tools is their credibility. Most of the free tools are not consistent in their results and sometimes detect human-written content as AI. This means that even if a person has paraphrased content naturally, the tool will declare it as AI-generated.

So, what do we do then?

We try to employ the manual method.

2. The Manual Way of Detecting AI Paraphrased Content

The manual way of detecting if a person has employed AI to rephrase content is a simple method but it demands deep focus. In this method, you manually proofread the content to analyze if it is naturally written or not.


But before you do so, you have to know the major difference between AI-generated content and naturally written content. Only then you can detect if the content is written naturally or not.

The major difference between these two is that AI-generated content is inconsistent and repetitive in structure. That is because different Natural Language Processing algorithms rewrite an original content. These algorithms lack the human touch and provide content that has difficult words in it.

So, how do you actually detect AI only by manual reading?

Here’s how:

  • Read the whole content thoroughly first without deep analyzing.
  • Look for unnatural patterns in between sentences. Content that has been paraphrased by AI is inconsistent.
  • Look for words that do not express the context of a sentence. That is because rephrasing tools replace words with synonyms without contextually analyzing them sometimes.
  • Compare it with the original text. That is because AI tools only change some parts of the content while keeping the other text as it is.

These are some steps you have to take while manually proofreading to detect AI in paraphrased content. This method comes with drawbacks also. It is hard to proofread a large piece of content. Moreover, you cannot put your manual proofreading as an authentic checking method in any performance report.

So, these are two main methods that you can use to detect AI in your content. But how is there any way you can make the AI paraphrased content undetectable from AI detectors? Let’s try to find out.

How to Make Content Undetectable by Using the Right Paraphrasing Techniques?

There are a few right techniques that you can use to make your paraphrasing undetectable. These techniques basically modify the content to make it look naturally written. The reason for doing this is important to understand here. Sometimes, the AI detector tools can declare your content as AI-generated even if you have written it originally. To avoid this from happening, you can

Replace difficult words with easier synonyms

AI content tends to have difficult words. That is because it is fed on a large dataset of different words, and it chooses the most relevant in the content. It does not analyze if the reader would easily comprehend or not. In this way, the readability of the writing is compromised.

After that, once you detect the content in the AI content-detecting tools, they show the provided content as written by AI.

In a similar way, if you use difficult wording in your content that may not be naturally used in the general writing processes, the detector will declare your content as AI-written. That’s why you have to make sure to replace difficult wordings with easier synonyms.

Avoid Repetitive Wording and Structure

Another characteristic of AI-written content is its repetitive wording as well as structure. When you write or rephrase a piece of content with the help of an AI tool, it uses similar wording again and again. Besides that, the sentence structure is also repetitive and longer. The AI detector tools are designed to detect and identify this type of content as AI generated.

So, to avoid this from happening, you have to avoid repeating wording and structure of the sentence. Repetitive wording can also compromise your SEO. The longer sentences will not be declared as AI-generated but will also reduce your readability.

Rewrite Contextually

We have already discussed this characteristic of AI-generated/rephrased writing above. These tools do not work like human brains. This means that they cannot write contextually in an effective way. Context is a big part of human writing. We use different words that just for contextual purposes that may not even explain their meaning in the writing. That’s human nature.

So, if you rewrite your content contextually, chances are you will be able to bypass the AI detectors. Just keep it all natural and your writing will deliver quality.

Add Personal Experience

The best way to make your content look like AI rewritten is to add personal experience. AI writing tools are not capable of doing that at all. They may give you some examples on how you can do it but will not do it effectively by themselves. So, to bypass the AI detectors and make your content natural, you have to add experience.

This can be anything. A story, a feeling, or an emotion. It does not even have to be yours. You can give examples of other people around you and demonstrate your point according to their examples. In this way, you will successfully make your rewritten content undetectable from AI-detecting tools or even human review.


Paraphrasing is an important part of a writing process whether it is a business blog or an academic essay. To save their time, writers use AI tools to paraphrase their writings.

If you are looking for ways to determine if the paraphrased content was generated by AI or was manually written, you can choose any of the above-given two methods to do so. Remember, they both come with their drawbacks so you will have to choose wisely.

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