Placemaking gives meaning to the Space

Bean Sculpture

What is Placemaking? Placemaking was a concept derived from William H. Whyte. Placemaking is an approach to city planning where the citizens and the local community are involved in driving projects and events to bring the community together. It gains ideas from the local community and the neighborhood in which the project is taking place

Jane Jacob’s vision for cities

Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs grew to fame after her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities. But what really was her vision? To create a social hub and community-oriented cities rather than cities that are built for vehicles and transport. She encouraged liveability rather than convenience. Her famous quote “eyes on the street” suggests that

Modern Techniques of Solid Waste Management in India

Smart bins in Smart Cities

Cities are considered as the driver of economic development and growth. Majority of these cities are located in developing countries. Urban planning and city management is a very debatable topic and are kind of ignored ones. Cities generally have a variety of demographic profiles. People from all across the country migrate to the city in

Sites of entitlement: claim, negotiation & struggle in Mumbai | Review

Overview: Understanding the basic need & fundamentals  The way fundamental organizations should be, and the way they are experienced by the general population dwelling in informal settlements is totally different. By and large, lawful and strategy structures are considered as sites of entitlement (Colin McFarlane and Renu Desai) to fundamental foundation and administrations, yet these