Mixed Use Development

Mixed Use Development | Demand, Barrier & Implementation

Introduction – Need for mixed use development The need of having mixed use arised due to various reasons. There was a significant lifestyle change that occurred in the mid-20th century due to sedentary habits of the people during that time and which continued till date (Schmitz and Scully 2006). This resulted in the design of …

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B.Planning course in India

Little cognizance about Planning as an academic course

Every individual wants a bright future for themselves. Many a times, parent pressurize children to go against their own will and follow their parent dreams. Since age-long, profession like doctor, engineer, lawyer, journalism, architecture have been the dominating ones. There are numerous professional courses that a student can pursue but some are overexposed, some are …

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Density Based Cluster Analysis

Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis is a set of techniques or methods which were used to classify objects, cases, figures into relative groups. These related groups are further classified as clusters. Cluster analysis is also known by the name of numerical taxonomy or classification analysis. In cluster analysis, there is no information directly related to groups or clusters. It …

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Community Participation

Empowering Rural Indian Women

Introduction In rural India, women are marginalized in almost all areas, compared to men. There are many social and economic factors that affect rural women in India. These include education, domestic duties, health, literacy level, gender bias and psychological factors such as social attitudes, lack of freedom to make choices, resources available and so forth. …

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