FBS Trading Review: Is It A Scam Forex Broker

In this article we provide our best findings based on several important factors to answer the question related to FBS trading review. We understand that many of you reach this article with one goal in mind which is to be sure if FBS is legit or if FBS scam. So, without further ado, here are the findings that we have managed to gather, all the way from the introduction of this broker, to the answer if FBS is a good broker for traders in the Philippines. 

FBS Scam or Not?

As reputable and dynamic individual traders, we have had the pleasure of exploring and partnering with various online FX and CFD brokers, and among them, FBS has undoubtedly stood out as a prominent player in the financial markets. With its inception in 2009, FBS has successfully solidified its position as a market leader, earning widespread recognition for its exceptional trading services and innovative solutions.

FBS Trading Platform Review Featured Image

This FBS review found out that FBS’s dedication to maintaining its position at the forefront of the industry has earned it a well-deserved reputation and accolades in various regions, particularly in Europe and Asia. With a strong presence in countries such as the Philippines, FBS has garnered immense trust and recognition from traders and investors.

As a service provider, we found that FBS offers a wide range of financial instruments for trading, including: Forex which is the largest financial market globally, where traders buy and sell different currencies. And CFD (Contracts for Difference) which are offered by FBS on various assets. In total there are 650 more trading instruments offered on FBS trading platform.

In this first topic about FBS trading review as a trading service provider, we can conclude that it is a Forex and CFD broker with a big name in the industry. With 13 years of experience in attracting traders by maintaining its reputation and top quality services, FBS seems to be very mature and trusted. Around 24 million traders in more than 150 countries are also proof that this Forex and CFD broker has evolved into the big leading investment solution in the industry. With this we can be sure that the label “FBS scam” is a big mistake!

Is FBS Regulated? 

Regulation is one of the most critical factors when we talk about trading platforms. We found that FBS is regulated internationally by a number of forex regulators. Let’s see what are they and then move to the topic of regulation on FBS Philippines: 

  1. FBS is regulated by IFCS. FBS, through its subsidiary FBS Markets Inc, is registered in Belize and is governed by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Because it is regulated by the IFSC, FBS Markets Inc is bound to to follow the norms and standards established by the commission, assuring a level of safety and compliance for traders who use its services.
  2. FBS is regulated by the CySEC. FBS operates in the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) through its TradeStone Ltd subsidiary. TradeStone Ltd., and by extension, FBS must adhere with many EU financial legislation and directives aimed to safeguard investors and promote fair and transparent trading procedures as an organization operating within the EU. 
  3. In South Africa, FBS is regulated by the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) through firms called Trade Stone SA (Pty) Ltd. Regulated brokers are expected to keep customer funds separated, present clients with clear and accurate information about their products, services, fees, and potential trading risks. And, most notably, the rule requires FBS to handle and resolve client concerns fairly and promptly. 
  4. FBS has received certification from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) through the business Intelegent Financial Markets PTY LTD. It implies that FBS is bound by strong regulatory criteria to maintain consumer protection and the integrity of Australia’s financial markets.

Is FBS regulated in the Philippines?

Despite a big financial opportunity that Forex trading has provided to Filipino traders over the years, the same opportunity was never available to people with mid and low economic ability, until the online trading platforms presented to them. We are aware that the government system in the Philippines is not fully regulating the trading services like what FBS and other online brokers offer. 

This regulation topic in the Philippines means that in case of violations, there is no Filipino body that can deal with the problem or impose sanctions on brokers with bad attention. However, we have to say that this is really nothing to worry about as FBS has been certified as a credible broker by bigger regulators as mentioned above. Thus a question like “is FBS Philippines scam” can be answered by a big “NO, it is a legit broker”. 

Is FBS A Good Choice in the Philippines?

Beside researching the FBS scam, which by far has been declined by the regulation certifications from various well-known regulators, we think that to perfectly cover this FBS review, we need to gather more information about its trading platform. The information that we found here can also be used to answer the question “is FBS legit or not?” So, let’s get to it!

FBS Trading Platform

In relation to its trading platform, we found out that FBS Philippines provided three popular trading platforms to its traders: 

  • FBS trader app, 
  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and 
  • MetaTrader 5 (MT5). 

Beside Metatrader 4 and 5 that we all know and adore, FBS also provide its own mobile-based trading app named FBS Trade app that are available on Android and iOS. This app provides traders with:

  • An access to a variety of financial markets, allowing them to trade a wide range of instruments from a single platform.
  • A real-time price quotes for numerous assets, which would help traders make more informed trading decisions.
  • A variety of technical analysis tools, charts, and indicators to help traders analyze market trends and patterns.
  • An ability to deposit and withdraw money straight through the app, as well as modify traders account settings.
  • Most importantly, an access to the financial market in the palm of the hand via Android and iOS mobile devices.

Trading Account Type

In terms of trading account types, we strongly believe that FBS has provided sufficient options for traders to choose from. Currently, it offers 3 types of trading accounts; Cent, Standard and Pro. Below are some bullet points that can better describe the differences and similarities of the accounts. Please also note that FBS allows traders to also use ECN and Islamic accounts:

FBS trading review of the type of trading accounts that suits the traders characteristics

FBS trading review of the type of trading accounts

FBS trading review of the type of trading accounts image 2

Deposit and Withdrawal

Moreover, FBS stands out for its commitment to customer service excellence by putting massive effort on the traders’ seamless process and options of payment methods when making deposits. We found out that for Filipino traders, these payment methods are available through bank card, local bank, cash payments, online payment, local ewallets, USDT and cryptocurrency wallets. The full list is stated below:

FBS review of payment methods that are seamless to the traders from the Philippines

FBS review of payment methods that are seamless

Education source

We found out that this forex broker stands out for its great instructional resources after reviewing the information on FBS’s education and analytic website, making it an ideal platform for traders of all experience levels. They are committed to educating their traders with information by providing a wide range of instructional materials, such as webinars, video tutorials, and insightful articles, as well as analytical tools. From this FBS trading review, we can see soon that FBS has the will to make its traders successful by providing extensive education materials. Their education and analytics pages include:

Market Analytics:

  • Forex market news
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • VIP Analysis

Trader Tools:

  • Economic Calendar 
  • Forex calculator and 
  • Currency converter


  • Webinars
  • Video Tutorials
  • Articles and Guides
  • Demo Accounts
  • Glossary


Finally, from this FBS review we found that FBS is a forex broker that provides several benefits to traders worldwide, including those from the Philippines. The label “FBS scam or FBS Philippines scam: do not comply with the quality that FBS is showing to us. Their dedication to offering a diverse range of financial products, such as FX, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, enables traders to diversify their portfolios without limitation. Furthermore, the broker’s availability of a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods provides simplicity and accessibility for its international and Filipino clients. FBS provides significant educational tools to help traders on their learning path. With these benefits and a reputation this FBS trading review comes to a conclusion that FBS is a legit forex broker and it is worth the attention from Filipino traders who are looking for well-regulated and well-designed Forex broker. That is all about the FBS review that we can provide in this article. Hope it helps you! 

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