The Best Job Markets to Move to in New England

Moving to New England is becoming increasingly popular as people leave cities behind and seek a space with more room to grow and awesome jobs to take on. However, some quickly run into a problem when trying to decide where to live!  Although there are tons of great cities all over New England, settling on a choice can be hard to do.

These are the top three that you should consider.

Why Move For Work?

Moving for work is an awesome way to ensure that you’ll get to enjoy living in a new and interesting area while not having to fear whether or not you’ll be able to find work.  Some even job hunt before they move, once they’ve picked a city, so they can try to have work lined up to start immediately.  This is a winning plan because it offers you the chance to ensure you’ll be set before you arrive. But, if you’re still not sure, consider these cities, and you may change your mind!

Benefits & Advantages of City

Newton, Massachusetts

This town boasts a population of just under 90 thousand people and is well known for being seven miles away from downtown Boston.  You wouldn’t know that it’s home to huge companies like Atrius Health and Five Star Senior Living, a charming and laid-back town.  Beyond these, those who live in Newton also get to benefit from the Boston job market, living close enough that they can drive into the city for work without having to worry about traffic or commute times.  

Portland, Maine

The lesser-known Portland, this gorgeous city in Maine, is able to surround the water, ensuring that every building has a bay view.  With a population of just over sixty-six thousand, this city can pull off the feeling of being both massive and small at the same time since the surrounding areas have a population of over five-hundred thousand that drive into the city for work.  

Portland’s main industry is trade and transportation, but it’s also well known for health services and education.  These make it a great city to work in, and more than easy to be able to afford Portland, Maine apartments.

Burlington, Vermont

This gorgeous little city in northwestern Vermont is the smallest on the list, with a population of just 42 thousand but a metro population of over 214 thousand.  The main industries here are education, trade, and manufacturing. As a result, Burlington boasts a huge job market that always has openings, and most companies here are quick to allow people to climb the ranks within once they prove their value.

How to Pick

If you’re unsure which city is best for you, consider what other factors matter!  Each of these has different scenery, different nearby cities, and different industries that they specialize in.  Think about what place you’d be most interested in working in and if they offer you the chance to grow and build a career for yourself. 

Moving to work can be stressful, but it’s worth it if you make the right choice!

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