5 Common Reasons Why Truck Accidents Happen

Every year, thousands of people are involved in truck-related accidents, which result in severe injuries and deaths. Such occurrences are a concern, which has led to relevant authorities looking for viable means to help reduce the rate and severity of truck accidents. Statistics show that over 117,300 trucks were involved in road accidents, leading to injuries. The number of deaths caused by truck accidents has increased by over 47% in the last 10 years. Due to the incoming holiday season, September experienced a troubling peak in accidents more than any other month, with February being the lowest.

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Commercial trucks are responsible for distributing goods and other hardware from one location to another, so when they are involved in road accidents, they dent the finances of the business and its intended consumer, thus having a significant impact on the economy.

Truck accidents are usually preventable. They usually happen because someone breaches the duty of care they owe to others. For accidents caused by someone’s negligence, victims can file a claim and recover their losses. They can do this by hiring truck accident lawyers at the Wilshire Law Firm or other such experienced law firms.

To better understand the magnitude of truck crashes and precautions to put in place, here are five common reasons why truck accidents happen.

  1. Trucking Company Negligence: Contrary to popular belief, truck accidents are not always a result of driver negligence. In many cases, they are caused by trucking companies. These trucking companies force drivers to violate the hours-of-service rules to transport more goods. Negligence in hiring is another common reason for truck accidents.
  2. Truck or Equipment Malfunction: For large trucks to work in peak condition, they require regular servicing and must be in good condition before hauling goods across the country. Loss of vehicle control due to a faulty tire, brake failure, or steering wheel issues can immediately spell danger for other motorists. So before a truck is passed safe and fit for transportation, the brakes, engine, and all fluids must be well-checked to prevent accidents.
  3. Poor Weather Conditions: Severe weather conditions are a natural phenomenon that plays a role in causing truck accidents. Factors such as snow, rain, ice, hail, and even fog can be hazardous and impede the line of sight of the driver, leading to tire traction on the road, causing the trucks to go over railings or into other motorist lanes, and subsequent accidents.
  4. Improper Cargo Loading: Many issues ensue due to improper cargo loading. Unbalanced weight distribution leaves the truck bent in one direction and can easily fall, harming other motorists. So before a truck can transport a shipment, adequate evaluation is necessary to prevent cargo spills, which may cause hazards and obstructions. Also, the quota for the amount of cargo a truck is allowed to carry per trip must be strictly adhered to.
  5. Driver Negligence: Truck driver negligence is the most common cause of truck accidents. A driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol cannot be in complete control of their actions and reflexes. Their sight and reasoning become impaired, leading to slow judgment and accidents. Also, some truck drivers engage in reckless driving at very high speeds, making controlling such a large vehicle difficult in times of sudden halts due to bad roads or dangerous curves. These are felonies regardless of the underlying circumstances, as they put other road users at grave risk.



Even though accidents happen out of the blue, they can be prevented if all parties involved are in the right frame of mind and the proper vehicle maintenance is done. As an accident victim, it is necessary to know the appropriate legal avenues to protect yourself and your family’s health in the long run.

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