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Copenhagen: A case study on sustainability

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Development is the peace policy of the future- Klaus Topfer Sustainability is viewed differently by everyone.  Adopting ways of thinking and behavior in which the needs of the present are met and fulfilled without disturbing or diminishing the needs of future generation is sustainability. It is also the study of the functioning of natural

Examples of Car Free Cities (Pedestrian cities)

Oslo, Norway, plans to ban all private cars by 2019

People rely on public transport, walking, or cycling for their transportation need. Although transportation has eased out the lives but has added on to the negative side as well. The transport system is a major contributor to pollution and thus needs to be tackled. Car Free City is one such concept. Carfree cities reduce petroleum dependency, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and noise

How to conduct Intermediate Public Transport (IPT) Surveys

Intermediate Public Transport Examples

There are basically 3 types of vehicles which are fast moving (cars, 2 wheelers), slow-moving (cycle, animal-drawn vehicles) and the third category is the intermediate vehicles. Also called as ParaTransit vehicles, these are motorized vehicles of innovative designs, small in size, efficient in fuel consumption & reasonably fast. Paratransit vehicles include short trips and feeder to mass

Little cognizance about Planning as an academic course

B.Planning course in India

Every individual wants a bright future for themselves. Many a times, parent pressurize children to go against their own will and follow their parent dreams. Since age-long, profession like doctor, engineer, lawyer, journalism, architecture have been the dominating ones. There are numerous professional courses that a student can pursue but some are overexposed, some are

Joint Forest Management in India: Case study of Gorela village

Joint Forest Management in India: Case study of Gorela village

Joint Forest Management – History The policies and guidelines of JFM were started in Indian National Forest Policy 1988 by central govt. to encourage people’s participation in forest management, protection and conservation As an outcome of the forest policy, JFM started in West Bengal’s Bakura district, where Ajit Banerjee, a silviculturist, was conducting his trails in