AMRUT Cities

What are AMRUT Cities ?

Cities/Towns covered under AMRUT are the areas which have been shortlisted/chosen for implementation of initiatives which will be undertaken Atal mission or Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation and these areas are referred as AMRUT Cities.

Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), govt. of India will select 500 areas which will be covered under AMRUT. These areas selected from all States/UTs. Through AMRUT government aims at providing the control and development of cities to city administrators and not to developers. Areas covered under AMRUT will get basic facilities like water supply, sewerage, better public transport.

AMRUT Cities by MoUD, Govt. of India
AMRUT Cities by MoUD, Govt. of India

Selection of AMRUT cities

A total of 500 AMRUT cities will covered under AMRUT which will be notified from time to time. AMRUT cities are selected as per the below mentioned criterias:

  1. Urban areas with over 1 lakh population and notified Municipalities, including Cantonment Boards (Civilian areas)
  2. Capital Cities/Towns of States/UTs which are not covered in above criteria
  3. Heritage Cities  and towns under the  Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY) Scheme by MoUD.
  4. Thirteen cities and towns on the stem of the main rivers with a population above 75,000 and less than 1 lakh.
  5. Ten cities from hill states, islands and tourist destinations (not more than 1 from each state)

Number of AMRUT Cities in State/UT (as on 25 Aug. 2015)

State of Uttar Pradesh has highest number of AMRUT Cities with a total of 60 cities/towns followed by West Bengal which has 59 towns/cities and then Maharastra with 43 such cities.

Tamil Nadu & Madhya Pradesh have 32 cities each followed by Andhra Pradesh having 30 & Gujarat with 31 town/cities nominated under AMRUT.

Rajasthan, Karnataka, Bihar have 28, 27 & 26 AMRUT cities respectively.  Other states including Haryana, Punjab, newly formed Telangana, have 20, 16 & 11 areas.

Other states and Uts have less than 10 AMRUT cities with some having only 1 such city.

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