How can 3D walkthrough and 3D flythrough help the property buyer

The 3D walk-through and flythrough are ideal to give your client an accurate sense of animation length and timing. This is a significant part of the process and requires your client’s approval prior to the final animation video is produced. The next important stage is the still images from different angles and points along with the animation. The still images will be fully rendered with finished frame and colour to represent the picture of how fully finished animation would finally look like. Clients provide their views and approval of those images. Client’s feedback covers the overall appearance of the buildings, its colour and the materials used as well as the feel of the animation created. Once everything is approved, the final animation is created in either high definition or standard definition format.

The 3D walk-through or the 3D flythrough can be done through any medium and in any format. You may play the animation simply on a plasma or projected screen or on a DVD. The high definition is generally Blu-Ray. This type of animation can be used in Blu-Ray discs and can even be created in stereo 3D.In addition to this, the animation can be moved straight to any website or YouTube or even videos. The 3d flythrough and 3D walk-through animation can also be utilized as content for interactive media such as touch screens, websites or DVDs in the marketing field. Even app development has proved to be quite beneficial. App on the iPhone or iPad can use all the 3D imagery and content.

Virtual Reality Real Estate

The main aim is to provide the client a realistic picture of exactly what they want from 3Danimation before it starts. Therefore the important things to consider are:

  • What are the key features?
  • What are the areas of development or property as your selling points?
  • Where the animation will be viewed?
  • What will be the timing of the presentation?
  • Whether there will be any soundtrack or voice behind the animation?
  • Will there be any other video elements such as local area footage?

3D fly-through:

Before the development or any building is even finished, a 3D flythrough animation can provide a realistic CGI view of your property. The fly-through is usually between 30-180 seconds. Fly-through means, client can fly around a property or building in three dimensional. The only purpose of using 3D is that the clients can fly everywhere round the building as they are not bound the laws of gravity unlike the real world. A 3D fly-through can show innumerable properties in a development. It is one of the excellent medium to show every detail of any development one can appreciate. This is something, which is virtually not possible in the real world unless a client hire a helicopter.

3D walk-through:

3D walk-through allows the potential client to walk around any property without being physically present there. It is used to show people around a building its accurate details and the internal specification. Walk-through refers to internal animation are usually used in the DVD presentation along with professional soundtrack and voice that can be utilized on a website.

If any potential property buyer looks around a building through 3D walk-through and fly-through, they are bound to turn as the actual customer at the end of the day.