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Talking about sustainability is not enough. Just “Talking” is what most people do and some don’t even realise the true meaning of the term. Whereas there are large number of people and groups who are trying their best to bring it into action!

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Which of the following is a low cost and effective product by Team Solaris from College of Engineering Pune for the rural Indian areas that lack electricity?

Team Solaris

In 2017, this country has achieved the goal of powering all its electric trains with the use of wind energy which was a joint effort of an electric company called Eneco and the country's National Rail Network.


This seven meters tall tower installed in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands filters which pollutant in the atmosphere using the Ion technology to release clean air?


Following are the characteristics of which type of modern agriculture?

Vertical Farming

On having troubles with the first three test flights, SpaceX has introduced the Falcon family of rockets that can reduce the cost of space travel by a factor of 100. What is special about these rockets?


Shown in the image are Kinetic Tiles that can produce electricity once given pressure by the mechanical stress that can be used to power various items, these are based on which scientific effect?


What has this Washington based company, Omni Processor successful in producing by using human wastes with support from The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation?


Fortum Varme is a local heating and cooling agency located in Stockholm that has devised a way to warm the homes by using the energy emitted from what machinery that requires a lot of cooling?


Based on the fact that our skin absorbs chemicals from things that come in contact of the body, Sustain is a project listed on Kickstarter that is asking for funds to make what organic?


Researchers have found out that arthropods are significantly less attracted to a customized version of this (than it's older form) and thus it can be used to prevent Malaria, especially where it is considered as a deadly plight in developing countries like Africa. What are we talking about?


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