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Transit routes gives shape to a city. These are responsible for the modification in city form. Land prices, property value, rent, all of these get a new value with the introduction of a transit route. They ease your daily travel and gives life to isolated areas. These makes your daily travel easier and connects the whole city like never before!

You might remember the routes and transit maps of your city by heart. But can you recognize other cities from different parts of the world by looking at their transit maps? 

Welcome to the Metro Maps over Geographic Distance Quiz quiz! 💡

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Identify the city in which has largest metro system in the world by the number of stations.
Identify the city which has one of the most complex transit systems in the world, serving the world's most populous city.
Identify the city which has the second busiest metro system in Europe.
Identify the city which boasts a surprisingly diverse transit system that includes a mix of commuter rail, rapid transit and trolleys, all of which make stops both above and below ground as they pass through the city center.
Identify the city which has a long-established underground network. Approximately 80% of the lines run underground.
Identify the city which has one of the most profitable metro systems in the world. It is generally considered to be the best in the world.
Identify the city which has world’s third longest metro system.

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