What Makes an Intelligent Home? 4 Key Takeaways

House with Garage

When we say intelligent home, what comes to mind is an AI-powered house where every chore is properly taken care of automatically through voice command. It is basically the kind of future that we all have been dreaming about for so long, and yet, it has not really come full circle. Sustainability is the main

Best locations to buy a luxury penthouse in Mumbai


Considering buying a penthouse in Mumbai? Mumbai is one of the best locations to invest in luxury real estate. There are a few locations where you’ll find quite a few ultra-luxury apartments in Mumbai from leading real estate developers. In fact, the luxury housing market is the biggest in Mumbai arguably since the city is

Importance of Making Company Specific CV/Resume

Importance of making Company Specific Resume

While searching for a perfect job, your resume is a highly influencing tool. Every year hundreds of people don’t get their dream job just because they didn’t present themselves well in their resume. A recruiter or your prospective employer spends less than 30 seconds on your resume. Those 30 seconds will decide if you will