The Urban Renewal


Urban renewal is also known as Urban regeneration in the United Kingdom and In the United States, it is called Urban redevelopment and Urban renewal. It is a process by which land is redeveloped where there is decay. A lot of modern attempts were made in the late 19th century in developed nations and an

Motivating Students towards Virtual Learning Environment

Online Education

The modern world has brought about the introduction and development of technology in almost every walk of life. From transportation, communication to even entertainment, technology has changed almost everything in comparison to just 30 years from now. Mankind has not so made much progress in the last 200 years as mankind has made in the

How to Write a Speech in 6 Easy Steps

Public Speaking Writing

Would you like to become a brilliant public speaker? Balance is one of the most qualities of an inspiring public speech. In this article, you will discover how balance can help you to structure a successful speech. If you fail to build a strong and well-balanced speech structure, it will be like a French croissant without

Environmental Economics


Environmental economics is the study of the financial implications of environmental policies and practices. This field of study helps to understand the theoretical and empirical aspects of environmental policies on the economy of the nation. It helps to analyze the existing policies and determine its pros and cons and also to ascertain the effectiveness of

Doreen Massey on Urban Space

Doreen Massey

Introduction Doreen Barbara Massey was an influencer on urban social space. Her books have gained acclaim in many parts of the world, particularly in the West. She was a professor of Geography at Open University. She wanted people to re-think their associations and connections with physical city spaces. She received many awards from around the