SOAR analysis for schools

SOAR analysis is a type of tool that is used to consider the strength and potentiality of an organization to produce a shared vision shortly. Unlike other analysis that focuses on the improvement areas or weaknesses, the SOAR analysis encourages the companies to shift their focus on the positive aspects.

What is SOAR analysis?

SOAR analysis is a short form of Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and results. SOAR analysis is implemented when the people from the same field need to be brought together and encourages some action. Most of the organization focus their efforts and attention on the strengths rather than shifting their concentration to work on their weaknesses. SOAR analysis is beneficial for a school when they are trying desperately to make a breakthrough or when the team members are developing some performance plans. SOAR analysis provides an effective framework related to the identification of the key strengths and opportunities of the academic programs.

SOAR analysis for schools

The Factors of SOAR analysis

The questions that are related to the SOAR analysis of a school and that will help to collect the necessary information are as follows.


  • What are the segments that the school is doing well?
  • What are the key achievements that the school is proud of?
  • What qualities make the school unique and different from the other schools?
  • What are the positive attributes that the students, faculty, and employees of the school have?
  • Why should students choose our program?
  • What are the key areas of expertise and resources that could give the school an added benefit?


  • What changes will be seen in the coming years?
  • What are the external trends or factors that may have an impact on academic programs?
  • What are the future exterior opportunities that exist for the school programs?
  • What are the students, employees, faculties and other members who are asking for?
  • How can the school highlight the strength of the programs and differentiate us from the other schools?


  • What are the things that the students are deeply passionate about?
  • As a school, how could we make a difference in the life of the students, institution, employees, and faculty?
  • What does the preferred future of the school will look like?
  • What are the various projects, programs or processes that would provide support to our aspirations?


  • What are the measures that will indicate we were on the correct track in fulfilling the goals of the school?
  • What are the results that the school wan to see in the future?
  • What types of resources are required to employ the most significant initiatives and projects?
  • What are the key goals that the school will like to pursue to attain these results?


SOAR Analysis can be implemented in a school when they want to bring a group of students together and encourage some particular action. It encourages people from a different level of schools or colleges to get involved in conversations and share their opinions on strategic planning.