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How do environmental protection laws affect consumers?

Environmental Protection Laws affect - Consumers

Traditional consumer policies initiated by the European Union do not support the necessity of sustainable development. The policies only assist the consumers to guzzle as many natural resources as they wish. But sustainability is based on the concept of reduction in the amount of consumption of the resources in the environment. The difference cannot be

How do environmental protection laws affect business?

Environmental Protection Laws in Business

When the first Environmental protection Act was enabled in 1970, organizations were severely concerned about the impact of the acts on their businesses. The economic downturn, increasing competition due to emerging economies, and change in the climatic policies have increased these concerns. Environmental protection laws increase the production costs, fall in productivity, and as a

Environmental Protection Act 1970

Environmental Protection Act

The Environmental Act of 1970 is formed to create an environment protection authority to make provision with the duties, powers, and operations of that authority to make strong rules and regulations for the environment protection and other purposes related to it. The act of 1970 comprises 10 parts and is completed by the 5 schedules.

Environmental Protection Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental protection Engineering (EPE) is a branch of engineering discipline that includes scientific topics like biology, ecology, chemistry, geology, hydrology, microbiology, hydraulics, chemistry and mathematics to find solutions that will improve and protect the health of the living organisms. This Engineering is also involved in enhancing the balance of the ecosystem that is damaged due

What is STEEP Analysis?

STEEP Analysis

The STEEP analysis is a commonly used tool in the marketing sectors to evaluate various external factors that can affect an enterprise. In the business world, there are immense pressures of taking quick decisions and acting on those decisions without any careful analysis of the circumstances. Thus the STEEP analysis is implemented by the organizations