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Importance of Greenfield development

Greenfield development refers to the process of a new structure or a building construction on a piece of land that has never undergone any progress. There are several benefits of developing anything on the Greenfield. These types of sites are mostly underdeveloped areas outside or within a locality. They are typically situated on agricultural land. …

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Types of soil pollutants

Types of Soil Pollutants

Soil pollution is a part of land degradation that is caused due to man-made xenobiotic chemicals or any other pollutants. These pollutants alter the natural environment of the soil and make it more toxic. Industrial activity, improper waste disposal, and agricultural chemicals are the main reasons behind soil pollution. Contamination of the soil is also …

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Soil Pollution Facts

Facts about soil pollution

Soil pollution occurs when clay contaminants surpass a specified start value that acts as a danger to individual well-being and ecology. Land contamination can harm people through inhaling or through direct surface connection. The intake of infected greens and grains produced on contaminated soil also can contaminate. Disclosure to the poisonous aggregates formed as a …

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Water Pollution Facts

Facts about water pollution

Water is the largest offering of nature. Individuals have utilized this natural means to a limit where regulating water contamination is difficult. The abuse of water may cause damaging results along with a warning to human survival. The usage of dangerous compounds in production in enterprises and agriculture that induces critical water contamination as garbage …

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Air Pollution Facts

Facts about Air Pollution

All mortals on the planet know that ozone contamination is dangerous to well-being. The impacts of ozone pollution may have disastrous consequences on well-being and ecology. Air contamination is a blend of compact bits and fumes in the atmosphere. It happens while the wind contains a harmful quantity of gases, particles, and odor. Some of …

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Types of air pollutants

Types of air pollutants

Air pollution is a type of change in the chemical, physical and biological aspects of the atmosphere that causes harmful effects on living organisms and human beings. The ultimate result will bring a huge change in the ecosystem or natural surroundings of the earth. The substances that are responsible for causing air pollution are known …

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prevent and reduce Indoor Air Pollution

How to prevent and reduce Indoor Air Pollution?

Today pollution in urban and rural areas has become an important issue for all the major governments. In the  21st century Air pollution is the foremost complication faced by the world. The reason blamed on the rapid urbanization, industrialization and increased traffic in both developed and underdeveloped countries of the world.  Air pollution from different …

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