Pros and Cons of Wind Power

If you are collecting information about renewable energy then you must be aware of its advantages and disadvantages for its installation in your home. Understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of wind power will help you deciding whether installation of wind power at your home will be a viable option for you or not. Following are the pros and cons of wind power.

Pros of Wind Power

Following are the advantages of wind power that makes it a best option for your home.


Wind generators are affordable and help you cutting down on your energy bill. You can start a wind power start at around 400 dollars. Due to the affordability of wind power system more and more people are heading towards this form of alternative energy.

Easy Handling and Low Maintenance

Another big advantage of wind power generators is their low maintenance. Wind power systems do not require expert handling. It also cuts down on the maintenance cost. Anybody can easily handle wind generators.

24/7 Power Generation

Another great advantage of wind power system is that it remains active 24/7 unlike solar power that only works in the presence of sunlight. You can generate power with the wind power system even if you are not using it. In addition to this, some utility companies will allow you to sell back the surplus energy you are generating.

Incentives and Rebates on Wind Power

In many states, government provides tax money to individuals that are producing power. This money is provided to them to buy surplus energy which these individuals have produced.

Wind Power as a Viable Solar Alternative

Many states in the United States are not sufficiently sunny. In such areas solar power is not a wise choice to generate power. Conversely, wind power is an ideal option for all types of places because wind remains available in every season, regardless of day and night.

Cons of Wind Power Systems

Like any other thing, wind power also has it setbacks, but it doesn’t mean that you should avoid wind power. However, you can overcome these setbacks to turn wind power system into a reliable energy producing option for you. Following are the setbacks of wind power system.

Uneven Energy Production

Sometimes day may appear to be windy while in other days wind can disappear from your place. Absence of wind means you have to go back to regular electricity to fuel to fulfill your everyday power needs.  It is indeed a counter productive alternative to wind power.

Wind Power System Needs Constant Winds

Many people think that they are living in windy area, but in fact they are living in just gusty place. To ensure constant production through wind power, constant gusty winds are inevitable. Also, installation of wind power system is also a big deal. It is because there should be a proper place to install wind power; otherwise it will be useless to deploy it.

Restriction from Municipal Zoning or Codes

Unfortunately, there are certain places where municipality zoning or homeowner associations do not allow people to utilize alternative energy generators on their property. If you are living in such type of area then you will not be able to install wind power system.

Maintenance of Moving parts

Wind power works on its movements. If there is no movement then there is no production of power. The maintenance of the moving parts of wind power is necessary. Sometimes, you might need to replace the moving parts that can be time consuming and costly for you.