Global Warming and Its Causes

Global warming is the most pricking question in this age. But still a great number of people are unaware of what global warming is and what its causes are. Let’s have a look on the causes of global warming. To do so, first we should know that global warming is an overall state of existence that has evolved from a number of environmental factors. All these factors merged together and gave birth to a big problem in the form of series of events that is collectively called as the global warming.

Depletion of Ozone

The global warming gained the attention of people after the depletion of Ozone layer. A molecular form of oxygen is called Ozone. The ozone layer is set in the lower part of the stratosphere of the Earth in the form of the thin strata forming a layer.

Due to the depletion of ozone layer, ultraviolet rays reach the surface of the earth directly and cause certain types of skin and other problems. Is it right that rise in UV radiations equate to global warming? The answer is not really. In reality, in the opinion of several scientists, depletion of the Ozone layer ending in cooling of both the troposphere and stratosphere. The main reason to co-relate depletion of Ozone layer to the global warming is to represent the need to maintain a balance between harmful radiation to reach the surface of the earth and human life to stop the increase the water and air temperature.

Most Remarkable Cause of Global Warming

Carbon dioxide emission is the principle cause of global warming. Currently carbon dioxide is being released into atmosphere at a crazy rate and that rate is increasing with the passage of time such as, 8 billions of carbon dioxide entered in atmosphere just in past year. Some of this occurs due to certain natural activity like volcanic eruptions, breathing of human being etc. Earth is naturally programmed to absorb those emissions into regenerative process. The problem of global warming rose from the burning of fossil fuel that emits great quantity of carbon dioxide in atmosphere.

According to careful estimations, currently 40% of all carbon dioxide emissions that occur in the whole world are caused by power plants. These power plants use burning coals, natural gas, and diesel fuel. Some power plants also burn garbage, some burns methane that is produced from garbage. 33% of all the carbon dioxide that is emitted into atmosphere comes from the products of trucks and cars. 3.5% of carbon dioxide comes from the aircraft traveling and the sad news is that air crafts and jets directly emit the pollutants into the troposphere.

Carbon Dioxide percentage in atmosphere

It is estimated that 12% of carbon dioxide is released in atmosphere but this figure varies from source to source. In certain places the emissions from buildings are as higher as 33%. The new constructions of buildings emit more carbon dioxide in atmosphere. That’s due to the material used in their production and energy used during their construction. According to the general consumption, the building consumes energy in the way in which a car burns the fuel. It is to remember that 98% of all the carbon dioxide emissions are associated with the energy production. 80% emissions of that emission convert into greenhouse gases.

Another contributor to Global warming

The next most significant cause of global warming is methane gasMethane is emitted into atmosphere from a number of sources. These sources are natural and mane mad emissions. The natural emissions include wetlands, termites, the ocean and hydrates. Where as inorganic sources include livestock, landfills, waste treatment and biomass burning. Methane is twenty times stronger than greenhouse gases. This feature makes methane more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Other greenhouse gases

We should not forget that not all greenhouse gases are dangerous as methane. Another danger to our earth is simple water. That’s because atmosphere is set to have a set content of water as vapor. These vapors absorb the heat and radiate it like every molecule does in the air. But if the lower troposphere has entered water vapor that gaseous water is a stronger greenhouse gas.

Nitrous oxide is another harmful greenhouse gas. The sources of nitric oxide are cars using catalytic converters, fertilizer plants, nylon manufacturing, natural sources such as, oceans and rainforests.

All above mentioned greenhouse gases and some other make the foundation of the global warming. Global warming is not a single event or activity, it is based on a chain of reactions that are caused by various purposes and cause harm to our earth.