5 Examples of Waterfront Cities

Waterfronts are a great place to relax and unwind after a long day. They provide cities with a good public space to explore the space and most waterfront cities also connect other centers of the city by their prime location. From Chicago to Auckland, most western cities have a waterfront area especially if they are located on the coastal side of the globe. It is difficult to find a waterfront space that appeals to everyone or is liked by everyone, but most of them fulfill the purpose of providing good elements for a public space. The fact that they are along the water is very pleasing for some people and instead of going to a beach, they can enjoy the more developed place along the waterfront. Waterfronts are also usually surrounded with cafes, seats, markets, walkways and other promising elements that give people good amenities to explore the city’s surroundings.

Waterfront Cities Panorama

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Here are five good examples of waterfronts around the world:

1) Auckland, New Zealand – Known as the city of sails and the landmark for the next America’s Cup, Auckland has worked hard in developing its waterfront area for many decades. Nearly every resident owns a boat in Auckland so that they can use the waterfront area and can make use of the sea. The Wynyard Quarter is a fairly new public space development called the Viaduct, which offers many facilities for families and visitors. Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with others, the Viaduct has something to offer for everyone. The boats also connect to close by Islands such as the Wahiki Island which is very accessible and affordable for Aucklanders to stay in.

2) Venice, Italy – As a seascape city surrounded with water, Venice is one of the best examples of a waterfront city as the whole city is built on waterways and the seascape. The walkways are also surrounded by seas which make it very appealing for people who love the water. There are footpaths and roadways which are also built on water. The boats are also regular around the harbor where you can travel to close by places and explore the city through the sea. The waterfronts in Venice offer the perfect example for cities worldwide to utilize their coastal setting.

Waterfront City Venice Italy

3) Sydney, Australia – The Sydney Harbour is one of the most famous waterfronts areas and has many people visiting on a regular basis. Surrounded by the Opera House, Circular Quay, and the Botanic Gardens gives it a unique waterfront experience. You can also view the Sydney bridge from the harbourside. There are many cafes,  shops, seatings, and a large pavement to walk alongside the waterfront where you can find many global visitors on a daily basis. Syndey also has the reputation of one of the best cities in Australia, providing many facilities for locals. It is also one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. The waterfront experience is one of the most sought-after experiences in the city with residents using the space for their daily walking or jogging activities.

4) Chicago, USA – Chicago has a great waterfront with many options for different kinds of experiences. As with most good waterfronts, it has a boat ride that takes you around the city to view the city’s amazing skyline with sky-high buildings. There is also an option to kayak along the waterfront if you do not want to go on a guided boat tour. Chicago Lakefront Trail is one trail that is popular with cyclists and walkers who use the space often for exercise and to get some fresh air. There are many good restaurants and cafes along the waterfront where people generally get food after doing one of the boat and city tours. It is well maintained, clean and has a good view which fits the description of being a good and world famous waterfront area.

5) Montreal, Canada – Montreal’s waterfront is worthy of mention as it provides good amenities for people to explore the city around the waterfront.  There is a double-decker bus which takes you along the waterfront and many different types of waterfront cruises. If biking is your thing, then there are bike hires where you can explore the waterfront area on your own and get some exercise. Obviously, summer months seems like the best time to explore the waterfront area because in winter months Canada gets very cold  (minus zero degrees) and some amenities might not be available.

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The above-mentioned waterfronts are a few popular destinations for seasides other than beaches that some cities offer. It is a great resource for a city to have a waterfront area and many businesses make a lot of money because of the waterfront feature.  There is something that attracts people to nature and water in particular that contributes to making these destinations desirable for people to live in or migrate to. So, whatever your style, one of the above cities will have something on offer for you along their waterfronts!