6 Awesome Real-World Applications of Data Science and AI

Man-made AI and Data Science are taking control over the cutting-edge period and are changing every field. All around us are revolutionary gadgets and an assortment of advanced developments that are improving the world into a much better space. In the practical world, there’s a Data Science innovation for everything!

Truth be told, AI and Data Science are one of the quickest developing fields of today’s world and have a wide range of applications that have changed the course of humanity. The world didn’t change overnight, and it is still evolving every second with the help of new applications.

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Not only these applications have human-like abilities, but they are also much more fast-paced and convenient to use and meant to replace any human labor. Here are some of the most amazing applications that have changed the current world:

1. Smart Face Unlock

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science have changed the meaning of safety and protection for us. From unique passcode protection to fingerprint lock, facial recognition provides next-level protection in different fields. Face detection helps distinguish every human from another and with the help of smart face unlock, only you have access to your devices.

Humans have manufactured advanced high-quality facial recognition systems that can be used in several fields. For instance, our smartphones now offer smart face unlock, and that prevents anyone else from accessing your data.

However, face unlock is also used in different security systems, surveillance footage, and attendance, etc. You can have facial recognition installed in a safe you own or o make sure only you have access to your confidential documents and data.

Facial recognition is also used by different national and local security departments where they have the software installed to detect different facial features like any wanted criminal.

Artificial Intelligence

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2. Virtual Assistant

We all are familiar with different smartphone assistants like Siri and Google AI that perform different tasks for us on command. There are several virtual assistants like Alexa and Cortana that are designed to complete specific tasks for the user with the help of speech recognition.

AI technology is becoming increasingly popular these days and is used in every other home. People can simply command their virtual assistants to perform the tasks around the house, like play a song, change the temperature, turn on/off the lights and make calls.

The impact of Artificial intelligence has taken over every aspect of the world because it uses the feature of simple voice commands and makes the AI interpret it to do numerous realistic tasks around the house.

3. Internet Search

We all are familiar with the internet search and different search engines that are made to help us out any time of the day. You enter any question or sort of information you need, and data science algorithms make sure to deliver the most accurate answer to all our queries.

The internet helps us find the desired results in a matter of seconds, and it is not only limited to this. Due to the advancement in search engines as well, we now have the feature “autocomplete” that helps predicts the rest of the word a user is typing. Whereas “autocorrect” fixes any typing or spelling error, we make.

Internet search is by far the most amazing application because it utilizes natural languages and machine learning to provide us suggestions that are highly accurate depending on each user.

4. Healthcare

The healthcare sector has completely evolved due to the help of numerous data science applications. For example, we all tracked and recorded our heartbeat and breathing rate using simple applications on our smartphones.

But data science and AI have changed the meaning of disease recognition and diagnosis because of all the advanced technology and procedures. There is medical image analysis that helps us detect tumors or any medical anomaly found anywhere inside our body.

We now have answers and different treatment methods. Some applications can track and keep a record of our medical records in case of any emergency.

There are advanced methods in different fields like:

  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Detecting Biological Data
  • Drug Development
  • Treatment and Diagnosis

5. Robotics

The future of robotics depends all on artificial intelligence and still has a long way to go. It all started with different data science projects and robots that were designed to help around in manufacturing industries etc. They were more like a helping hand and to reduce human labor as much as possible. With all the progress AI has made, we now have robots that are being designed to mimic and understand human emotions and perform actions based on that. A great example would be chatbots that process a user’s data to respond accordingly.

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6. Fraud and Risk Detection

One of the oldest data science applications were in the field of finance. A lot of banks and companies suffered from huge losses because of fraud and potential risks to customer data. With the current advancement in the field of banking, there is fraud and risk detection that prevents any future losses.

There is less paperwork, and all the customer data is saved and goes under extensive analysis to make the banking experience easier for both the bank and the user. There are different algorithms made for financial institutions to protect every type of information and improve customer relations.

For example, if you’re worried about keeping track of every expense when running a business that provides carpet cleaning in London, you can utilize an algorithm or system to do the job for you.

Takeaway- Awesome Real-World Applications That Have Changed Our Lives

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence have left their mark in every domain like healthcare, security, data, and banking, etc. The entire purpose is to make your life easier, so there is little to no need for any human effort. There are different applications to help the users move forward, and this is an ever-growing field.

The world has changed, and anywhere we see, we come across inventions for things we didn’t think we needed. These amazing applications are constantly upgrading and changing to make better products. If you need help with anything, just search on the internet, and you’ll be amazed to find the technology made for everything.

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