Bathroom Trends to Consider During Remodelling

Renovated bathrooms improve the value of the home, enhance its style and make it more suitable and comfortable for people’s immediate needs. Renovations are quite necessary and the best way of introducing changes that will meet the needs of the family for several years.

Bathroom remodeling designs completely change how the environment looks and feels. Here are some essential changes to consider when considering bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom Trends

A Low-Flow, Hidden-Tank Toilet

Toilets made with hidden tanks where the water storage is built within the wall have several advantages and are worth considering when doing a bathroom remodeling. This remodeling idea is a space saver especially for those who have smaller bathrooms.

They are sometimes referred to as cistern toilets and help in saving water each time one flush. The design is a smart choice that will increase the value of the home after remodeling. Another advantage of the hidden-tank toilet is that it works for all bathroom designs, both modern and contemporary styles.

Tiny, Textured Tile Shower Floor

There are several types of floorings, walls, and tiles to choose from during a bathroom remodel but it is essential to think about safety when going in the floor tiling of the shower area.

Go in for small textured shower tiles. The texture and the additional protection from the grouts will help to keep the feet balanced and prevent people from slippery once the floor becomes soapy and wet. Most contemporary bathroom tiles are quite easy to clean and the grouts used in making them are always mold, humidity, and stains resistant.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles for example provide several styles and décor opportunities; different colors and patterns can be mixed and matched for the best visual effects and to create a more harmonious look.

2-inch Plumbing Drain Pipes

This is a tiny, imperceptible improvement that will end up making a huge difference in how the bathroom functions. General bathroom drain plumbing is usually 11/2 or 11/4 inch-diameter for the pipe and is always the PVC plastic-type.

This kind of drain pipe (PVC plastic) is easy to clog especially when used by several people sharing the same shower or bath. Going in for the two-inch diameter drains is not quite expensive and also enhances the drainage quality of the bathroom.

Include a window shower

One of the things that prevent a bathroom from remaining clean is the humidity that is left in the space as a result of poor ventilation. Though using a bathroom fan will make things different, natural ventilation remains the best solution.

Adding a window in the shower will aid in keeping the bathroom clean and void of mold and even mildew. Natural ventilation is effective especially when the bathroom door is left open after utilization. It also helps in bringing in natural lights to the other areas in the bathroom. It is important to discuss the different types of window showers with the architect and always insist to go on frosted glass windows for the sake of privacy.

Include a recessed medicine cabinet

Add more storage space and get a chic look for the bathroom using a recessed medicine cabinet. This can be installed few inches within the wall to create some space in the bathroom and make it look more stylish and modern. The additional wall frames are not always quite expensive to install during remodeling.

The medicine cabinet comes in handy to keep first aid medications and other medicines in order especially for people who tend to forget where they keep their kinds of stuff.

Improve the Lighting of the room

Bathrooms always have small access to natural light which makes the need for extra lighting inevitable. When planning a bathroom remodeling, it is important to think about ways of improving or adding extra lighting to enhance the mood and functional ability of the space.

The very first and most important lighting change should be to make the main lights dimmed. Not everyone loves overly shiny lights especially when they want to just relax in a hot tub bubble bath. Dimmer lights always set the right mood for fun and relaxation.

Include some built-in decorative lights around the mirrors to provide the best lighting to apply makeup, hair-styling, or shaving. Generally, for any activity that requires a lot of lighting. Consider adding some extra lights in the shower as well instead of around it, as this can help in keeping the bathroom space safer and well-lighted.