The 5 Best Time Management Tools for Students in 2023 (Best List)

Are you a college student struggling to manage study, social life, work, and career? In the search for the best time management tool to keep things on track and sort your day-to-day life?

This is the article for you!

College Students

One of the most important skills for students in school and college is time management skill. Everyone has 24 hours a day, and you must ensure you tweak all the to-do activities.

The better your time management, the more effective days you can lead.

To help students like you, several time management tools have been developed. This technology allows you to manage time and improve the performance of your daily activity.

As the name suggests, time management is a tool developed to help you take control of time. These tools allow everyone to keep track of time through a detailed schedule.

They have every important tool, from reminders to a to-do lists to a daily routine. Further, you can add your shopping list and important dates like a friend’s birthday, parent’s anniversary, etc. The best of all? You can easily access these apps through your phone and move forward in the day.

We recommend using the time management app because it helps you accomplish your goals and saves valuable time in the long run.

Advantages of Time Planning Apps

As humans can’t recall everything we work on, time management apps are helpful.

Here are a few benefits of the apps to help manage time:

Function accurately

Because the time tracking app keeps records of everything you do and captures them, it develops a seamless record of your day-to-day activities as you move between various activities.

They keep track of everything to do in your daily task and eliminate the formula of forgetting about things in your life. You’ll be sent a reminder every now and then to resolve your pending task.

Manage projects

College life can be hectic, with assignments due, social events to attend, and projects and internships to do.

A time management app can summarize your project-related information by informing you about the status, which helps in real-time estimation.

Enhanced productivity

When you have a proper track of activities to perform, you’re trained to be more productive. Often, we have seen how students spend almost all their time doing only one activity, whether going out with friends or being in their dorm watching movies.

Time tracking app helps you keep unproductive activity in control, and you can improve your operations and personal inefficiencies.

These are just a few of the many advantages of planning apps for students.

Top 5 Best Scheduling App for Students

Time tracking makes it super convenient and simple to manage your time, enhance productivity and achieve the goals you’ve set.

Let’s now have a look at some of the best apps available in the market as suggested by students in cooperation with reliable essay writing services.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a time management app for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

The app allows students to organize their research, notes and schedule their daily activities and the to-do list all in one place.

They have convenient access to the routine.

Evernote syncs well with all devices, allowing students to add notes in images, PDFs, audio files, and other media.

You can start with the app by creating tasks and assigning due dates. Further, you can add reminders and flags to the task to draw your attention.

Evernote has both free and premium plans. It also offers a 50% discount to students for personal goals.

2. Focus keeper

Focus Keeper is yet another effective organization apps for college students. The app is available for only iOS and macOS users.

The app functions by helping the students stay focused on a single task.

Here, students can set a task along with a timer to complete it. The app allows extended features like enabling background music like falling rain or click ticking to help you keep focused on your activity.

The student can use the time counter at the bottom of their computer screen or on the mobile app screen to keep better track of time consumed by the activity.

Further, the app allows you to track your progress.

Once done, the app keeps reports to see how many sessions were required to complete the task successfully.

Focus Keeper is designed and developed to help students focus sincerely on the must-do activities.

The app costs $0.99 per month.

3. myHomework

my homework is a time management app available for all devices. It allows the student to improve their habits and perform better in their academics.

The app lets you track your work, assignments, and projects. You can set the deadline for the project, and the app will help you dedicate daily time to the project based on your work speed.

myHomework comes with a free and paid plan. Paid plan offers features like attaching files, using customizable themes, linking to a calendar, and sharing information with colleagues or friends.

The app syncs perfectly across all the devices allowing students to sync the tasks across multiple devices to access it anytime.

The app offers a school version, usually institution-provided to teachers and students.

4. Forest

If you enjoy games, Forest could be the best time management app for you. Here the app uses gamification to keep students focused on their daily tasks.

The working interface of Forest is something everyone would love. Students plant a virtual tee to designate a to-do assignment that they have to work on.

The longer they are doing their tasks, the more the tree grows. Once they leave the app, the tree starts drying.

So, this way, students can grow a forest if they are focused on their to-do lists. This might be the perfect approach for college students to balance between assignments, projects, and part-time jobs in addition to gatherings.

5.  2Do

If you’re a student who procrastinates a lot instead of getting their work done, 2Do could be the best time management app for you. The app is available on Android, iOS, and macOS. The tool is designed and developed to prioritize the speed of accomplishing the created task. Here, the students have the freedom to keep track of all the functions that he/she might be working on. The app offers an innovative approach like rapid sort, search, and filter features to help student search and do their task.

Students can enter their tasks and access them through any device.

The app has a free and paid plan. 2Do offers a 20% student discount on their premium plans for students.

Wrapping Up

This summarizes our collection of the top 5 best time management apps for college students.

In this article, we briefly mentioned what a time management app is, its benefits, and the list of the top 5 apps that you can use to enhance your productivity and manage time efficiently.

To all the students who want to excel in their performance by keeping everything on the right track, a time management appl could be the best tool. Not only does it help you schedule your task but offers features and functionalities to do the right thing at the right time using the calendar, reminder, to-do list, and such.

Which time management tool do you wish to use? Have you used any of the tools yet? Do let us know!

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