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Malvika Paliwal is an Urban Planner who likes writing about the topics which are a mix of urban planning and economics. Her articles have been published at various platforms. Apart from this affordable housing also adds to her list of interest

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Root Cause Analysis as a problem solving technique


This was a technique developed by Sakichi Toyoda who was the founder of Toyota Motor Company. RCA was first used during the development of Toyota’s manufacturing processes in 1958. The root cause of a problem is not the initial reaction or response. It is not just restating the finding. Initial response turns out to be

Planners as Knowledge Workers- Key to nation’s growth!

Planners as Knowledge Workers- Key to nation's growth!

Planners are regarded as knowledge workers! Planners can be knowledge generators by interpreting information and getting knowledge out of it, knowledge consumers as they can use existing knowledge to form policies and knowledge brokers by trading relevant information. Though a relatively unknown and young discipline, urban planning has a huge potential to solve various problems

A review of ITPI code of conduct

A review of ITPI code of conduct

Conditions of engagement of professional services And Scale of professional fees and charges as per ITPI code of conduct The members and students of the Institute of Town Planners, India are governed by the constitution and bye-laws of the ITPI provided as ITPI code of conduct. A professional in planning field must have knowledge, skill and competence

City Branding Example – Singapore City

City Branding Example - Singapore City

City Branding – Does it really works? City branding is a long process with uncertain results. The expectations might not give the desired results if things do not go as per the plans. If the desired result is achieved than its equivalent to a miracle and the city gets revamped for good. All the stakeholder