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Translating Planning Phases in Norway: An Epitome of Development

Urban Planning

Norway: Country Profile Norway is a Nordic country in situated in the Northwestern part of Europe. Its territory is composed of the western and northernmost part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Norway is a unitary sovereign state with a typical constitutional monarchy. The powers of the state are constitutionally divided between the parliament, the cabinet and

Sustainability and the Sustainable Habitat


Sustainability, going by the name, in clear terms refers to the ability to sustain. It is an ideology adopted to maintain an entity at the desired level. It is a phenomenon, that nowadays is used to describe the use of nature and its resources. But more importantly, it is not just a physical being. The

Case Study: Karnataka Affordable Housing Policy 2016

Flexible Housing

Introduction Karnataka Affordable Housing Policy is formulated in order to improve the housing condition for low-income households, and at the same time, to create a strong relationship between government, private developers and the communities. The policy is articulated keeping in mind the growing housing demand, and the need to cater to the existing houseless population.

Glocalization: moving from Local to Global


Globalization is a social process. It is also shorthand for the discourse that organizes and makes sense of what is happening. The phrase, “Think Globally, Act Locally,” has been used to describe the global trans-boundary nature of environmental issues and the need for concerted local action to address them. Any distinction between global and local