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Translation of National Urban Policy on International grounds

Projected population in urban areas and growth rates from 2018 to 2030

The Global Quest of Urbanization Urbanization is not a new phenomenon. But surely, it took on a whole new dimension in the 20th century. There is a drastic historic transformation of social roots on a global scale. According to WHO, urbanization is the process of global scale changing the social and environmental landscape on every continent.

Sites of entitlement: claim, negotiation & struggle in Mumbai | Review

Informal and Formal Settlements (Indian Context)

Overview: Understanding the basic need & fundamentals  The way fundamental organizations should be, and the way they are experienced by the general population dwelling in informal settlements is totally different. By and large, lawful and strategy structures are considered as sites of entitlement (Colin McFarlane and Renu Desai) to fundamental foundation and administrations, yet these

Landmarks & Development of Town Planning process in India

Town Planning Practices

Town Planning process in post-Independence period in India In India the urban population living amid pre-independence years was 13.9 percent in 1941, which rose to 17.3 percent in 1951. Before freedom about 15 percent individuals were living in towns and now their number had turned out to be simply doubled. The purposes behind an expansion

What is Flexible Housing | Overview, Need & Case Studies (with images)

Flexible Housing

Flexible Housing – Overview & need While we traditionally think of housing as fixed and stable, practitioners have started experimenting with new models, ie. “flexible housing”  that can provide more flexibility. Such models are capable of serving the growing housing demand and can more effectively address the problems of housing shortage. Some of these homes