7 Best Websites for Educational Purposes

The technological revolution has changed our lives. We work, date, buy, and study while using the Internet. Sometimes, a professor does not explain the material well. Other times, a student needs additional information for their home tasks. Yet, an average student would rather find an answer in the pile of websites than in daily classes.

We have prepared a list of useful websites to make your college life easier. Just check them out below.


This online place is a separate community of students willing to help each other. No need to hire a paper writer: with Koofers, you get peers to help you.


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  • Get information on exams. Just imagine. You have a future exam with a picky professor. With Koofers, you can find students who have already passed that scary exam. They can tell you what to expect from both the exam cards and the professor.
  • Sharing tests, cards, and quizzes. Students can share learning materials, whether texts, videos, or audio.
  • Making friends. Yes, difficulties unite people. You never know who you can meet on Koofers.
  • Rankings of colleges. If you are an applicant, first-hand reviews from real students would be helpful. It is easier to choose a university when you know what to expect from it.


You may spend hours and hours solving a mathematical problem. But sometimes, the answer never comes, and the deadline runs out. What to do in this situation? Join the Brainly!

  • Easy process and millions of experts. You post a problem and get an answer from more than 350 million students and professors all over the world. Yes, people are willing to help, explain, and share their knowledge.
  • Open a discussion thread. Posting a question means that you can get more than one answer from different experts. Yet, the probability of making a mistake is lower.
  • No name-calling and aggression. Site moderators make sure that all participants are polite to each other. The politics of ethics certainly makes Brainly one of the most useful websites
  • Brainly Plus options. With Brainly Plus, you get unlimited access to expert-verified answers. Additionally, you get no advertisements to distract you from studying.


A website that works magic. Like a Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, the website sorts out all information related to a specific concept. Just type a word into the website’s research engine and get an interactive map. The latter would contain the most important concept-related information.

  • Makes the complex terminology simple. InstaGrok creates an interactive concept map of complex terminology. In this way, you see how facts and phenomena relate to each other.
  • You learn new things quicker. Interactive maps are a great way to learn a new topic, especially if the discipline is unfamiliar.
  • A perfect solution for visual learners. Some students memorize information in graphs and images better. Yet InstaGrok improves your memory and increases the chances to get a good grade.


The epitome of what a free editing service should look like. Grammarly brings your texts to a brand new level. One of the best editing programs, Grammarly suggests tons of perks to its users.

  • It checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Badly written messages to your boss impress them in the wrong way. As well as resumes and CVs with misspellings make you a less appealing candidate for the job.
  • It reduces wordiness. Remember those long sentences which no one could understand in your essay? Exactly. This is where Grammarly is the best student helper.
  • It follows a specific style of writing. Letters to your boss and messages to your friends differ. With Grammarly, you can choose a specific style in the pre-editing settings.
  • It checks plagiarism. The cherry on the top – you get a free plagiarism checker.


Despite its name, StudyBlue will take your ‘studying’ blues away. The website is fun to use. What seems boring in the beginning becomes a pleasant thing in the end.


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  • Pre-made flashcards. With StudyBlue, you can make your own flashcards to memorize the material better. However, there are tons of other flashcards made by other students to choose from.
  • A separate app. The website suggests a special application, which you can download on your smartphone. Create flashcards and memorize the learning material anywhere and anytime you want to.
  • Not-so-popular disciplines. ‘Aeronautical engineering’ and ‘computer science’ are difficult to even spell out. But StudyBlue helps you learn such disciplines by giving you effective flashcards.
  • Tons of cards. There are more than 500 million flashcards on the website. Huge, right?


Created by a 15-year-old in 2005, the website’s popularity skyrocketed a few months later. No wonder, this invention allowed its creator Andrew Sutherland to memorize 111 French terms.

  • An extremely popular website. Quizlet is familiar to high school students. But college students also use it since quizzes and flashcards never get old.
  • Perfect for language studying. Having a struggle with memorizing foreign words? Use Quizlet flashcards! They are fun to use and improve your cognitive skills.
  • Create written and audio prompts. One of the most helpful online resources, Quizlet suggests a variety of ways to learn new things.
  • Gaming mode. Play ‘match’ or ‘gravity’ games to choose correct answers.

Cite This For Me

Learning all these MLA and APA differences is tiresome. Thanks to this marvelous website, we no longer have this problem. No need to remember why your professor wants your essay in MLA instead of APA!

  • The website is free. You do not have to register or pay an entrance fee.
  • The process is simple. Just type in the basic information about the source, like the publication date or the author’s name. Click the Enter button and get a cited source!
  • Additional guidelines. Yes, there are special guidelines on citing if you want to learn how to do it correctly.
  • There is a Premium Profile. With some extra pay, you can avoid advertisements, save your work in progress and download it later.

Final Thoughts

Being a student is tough. Deadlines are short, and there is tons of information to process. On the bright side, there are multiple websites to help you do your homework or prepare for an exam. Anyway, we hope our article helped you choose the website that alleviated your college life worries.