Zoning of land for OD Survey

Dividing area into zones

Need of Zoning of land for OD Survey While zoning of land for required survey, eg. OD survey the collected data will consist of a multitude of journey with different specific origins, destinations, purposes and modes which must be related to other traffic, sociological and economic factors. So, the defined study area is sub-divided into

Origin Destination survey methods

Origin Destination Survey Methods

Importance of Origin Destination survey methods The most important measure for a successful survey is a level of participation which relies on  origin destination survey methods. Therefore, reliable assistance of as many respondents as possible is the key to a successful survey. Some of thing which can be done for a respondent friendly survey are: Design

Traffic Volume Count

Traffic Volume Count

What is Traffic Volume Count ? Traffic Data Collection is basic requirements for transport planning. Traffic Data forms an integral part of national economics and such knowledge is essential in drawing up a rational transport policy for movement of passengers and goods by both government and the private sectors. Traffic Volume Count is counting of

Factors affecting Land Value

Factors affecting land value

How to define land value? Land value can be defined as the monetary cost of the land. It can be the cost of undeveloped land or a built property, but land value is primarily associated with a vacant plot. When discussing the importance of a built structure the term “property value” is more appropriate. Factors

Standardization of rates in Demography


Standardization of rates in Demography is required for comparison of various rates concerning human population either between different groups or the same group over a period of time requires careful thinking. One of the most important problems in demography is comparison of rates and ratios among different populations or for the same population over time.