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Disaster resilience and management in Indian urban areas


Disaster resilience and management in urban areas has been a challenge for town planners. The huge loss of lives, property, economy and society can be minimized by making our cities resilient to disaster. A resilient city bounces back to normal functioning once disaster passes away. Before planning to establish a resilient city framework, we must

Urban Conservation through Urban Planning

Urban Conservation - Heritage

Unprecedented demographic and spatial growth of the last four decades, accompanied by growing strains on civic services has led to loss of identity among the residents of the cities. A lot of infrastructure in response to economic activity has led to development of ugly structures that change the character of the city. Since World War

Definition and Identification of rural poverty in India

Definition and Identification of rural poverty in India- Components of Rural Poverty

Rural and urban population in India India is second most populous country in the world and is also known to house over one – third of the world’s poor. Though India is witnessing a rapid urbanization still a very large proportion lives in rural areas.  Agriculture and related activities in rural India contribute to 33%

Healthy City | Implication of public health and environment protection

Healthy City Urban Greening

The need for healthy city is aggravated by growth and development that is largely unplanned, uncontrolled and chronically under-financed.The distinction between rural and urban areas is usually relatively unproblematic and generally related to degree of development. However, among professionals this distinction has been focused for some time, with efforts being made to develop various criteria to