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5 Factors Influencing Tourist Destination and Tourism

Factors Deciding Tourist Destination - Recommendations

Deciding where to travel can be both exciting and difficult. Anyone who loves to travel can attest to that – the world is full of beautiful destinations and interesting places to explore. What, then, is the thing that makes us choose one place over another? Knowing what makes tourists choose their travel destination is crucial

Smart Dustbins for Smart Cities! | PlanningTank

Plastic Bottle Collection Machine

In number of developing nations we generally come across overflowing of dustbins. Due to complete filling of dustbins, the waste overflows and spread in the nearby areas. Due to spreading of wastes, many diseases can happen. Also spilling of wastes causes foul smell. Sometimes, due to lack of dustbins, wastes are thrown on the ground

Impact of Smart Cities on India | Opinion

Khan Riverfront Development

Introduction Smart City is a concept that brings people’s use of technology and city development together. The Smart City Mission organised by the Government of India has a total of 99 winning proposals and has a budget of over 201979 Crores which will affect over 99,486,840 of the Indian population.  This feat will vastly improve