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9 Tools to Write an Eye-Catching Resume

Making your CV stand out

When it comes to writing a good resume, there are quite a few things which are very important and which people tend to forget. One of the things that can genuinely help you when creating your resume is the various tools which you can find online which can help you fix and prevent all sorts of mistakes.

Tips for Students Planning to Study in Western Countries

Tips for Studying at University

Studying abroad can be a very different experience especially in University life. The auditorium where the classes are held is bigger, there is no dress code (especially for women), the lecturers do not pressure you to attend classes and there is usually no attendance as it is in many colleges. I personally feel few colleges

How to Get Your Career Started in Artificial Intelligence?

AI expert

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding fast. Recently, IIT Madras has collaborated with Applied Materials India to research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, and Machine Learning (ML). Some of the research areas that have been identified here include advanced image analysis for technology-enabled software solutions and representational neural networks. IIT

Guide to Your First Year in an MBA Program

Study Tips for MBA Freshmen

For many freshman students, enrolling in an MBA program can be overwhelming. The first year of any college or graduate level program is often considered to be the most challenging and most crucial. Some students go back to MBA school after years of working as a professional, while some students take up their MBA without