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How to be an effective leader & polish leadership skills


In most professional career paths, there will come a time when an individual will be promoted or will get hired to become a leader, either as a supervisor, a manager, a CEO or a president. Being the ‘boss’ for the first time especially in a new company is a very exciting but challenging role. Many

6 Tips to survive your first year in college

Making Friends

Your first year in college has a great impact in the rest of your college years. Your success in college will be determined by your actions in the first year. The decision you make at the first few weeks in college will affect your life either positively or negatively. It is at this stage when

The Implication of Career Test Online

Career Options

Career Test Online- Best Way To decide Your Career Not sure about which career to take up? Do not worry, there are millions of individuals who are not able to take a decision on which career will suit them the best. With the world becoming modernized, people today have thousands of opportunities in all streams

How to Write a Personal Statement and it’s Main Aims

Writing Personal Statement

Universities often require applicants to submit a personal statement along with the other basic requirements such as the transcript, letter of recommendation, and the results of qualifying exams. A personal statement is an essay that discusses the applicant’s goals in terms of higher education and their chosen career path. The essay is meant to measure

Difference between CV and Resume

Tips for Resume Writing

There is a difference between a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a Resume. Many people mix the two concepts and struggle to differentiate between both. Many city planning firms ask for a CV, but if they want to know more information about you and your background or work experience, then they will ask for a Resume.

Tips before starting a Planning degree

City Planning Degree

Choosing to do a City Planning degree or Master’s degree can have many benefits. But it can also be a challenging field to be in, especially in developing countries. Most of the planning degrees lead to government jobs where the salary is not very high or promising for the long term. In developed countries, the planning