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What Urban Planning needs to learn from Civil Aviation

Land is scarce but sky has no limits! You might think that the two fields have nothing in common. One deals with the spaces and activities on ground whereas the latter deals with the never-ending air space as sky has no limits! This is the general perception and true superficially. If one study town planning and familiarizes

Retrospective View of Smart Cities Mission

Smart City Logo

Smart Cities Mission by MoUD, Govt. of India The concept of Smart Cities is new and trending in India but is an old concept in western world. In the Indian version “The Smart Cities Mission” which was launched in 2015 by the central government of India aims at developing 100 cities as “Smart Cities” which

End of “Developed” & “Developing” Economies – World Bank

A major change in way we differentiate countries World Bank, a global and well-known source of funding has recently made a drastic change which seemed to go unnoticed. World Bank now no longer uses the terms developing, underdeveloped and developed countries. The need for dropping this classification was realized a long time ago but the

Speed limits on Google Maps – Yes it exists now!

Google Map – Speed Limit Feature (Now Live!) Google Maps is certainly the widest used maps available among the few available today. Google attempts to make its services and products better and is known to respond to the request and feedback of the users and customers. Google is testing its new feature to provide speed