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Different Types of Maps

Elevation Mapping

When it comes to maps there are several different types. Each map can show different information. Most maps will include a compass rose which simply indicates which way is North, South, East, and West. In addition, they can also include a scale that will allow you to estimate distances shown on the map. Below there

Data Centers | Need & Challenges

Data Centers Need Challenges

Businesses are generating huge amounts of data causing a considerable reliance on off-site storage facilities. These warehouse-sized  buildings are called ‘data centers’, and are beginning to emerge across urbanised areas. A growing population and the demand for larger homes are not the only pressures on existing Australian cities. Data centers will be the next planning

Is Urban Planning meant for you?

City Planning Degree

Who is an Urban Planner and what does an Urban Planner do? So who is an urban planner or urbanist? What does he do and why are they very much in demand these days? As you may have already guessed, he is the person in charge of planning out the city before it is even

What is an Action Research Paper?

Writing a Winning Research

Dissertations and college research papers are very dry topics and you need interesting tips that will get you started with it. You need to have access a good database of materials and intensive knowledge of your subject too. Various websites provide you with good guidelines and they make your dissertation formulation a little simpler and

Understanding and Managing Test and Exam Anxiety

Yerkes Dodson Stress Curve

Most of us, at one time or another, have felt anxious while taking an exam. This often happens in the days or hours leading up to the actual exam and becomes most acute during the actual exam itself. You know the feeling. You feel sick to your stomach, perhaps you sweat profusely, the negative chatter of