About Planning Tank

Planning Tank is on a mission to create Happy, healthy & sustainable human settlements by means of education, technology & awareness. A unique online platform with focus on Urban, Regional and Rural Planning, frequented by students, professionals, academicians, and urban enthusiasts. We provide information, knowledge sharing and educational resources for informed decision making and cover the following aspects:

  1. Resources for influencers and decision makers
  2. Urban Journalism (Explanatory & Column)
  3. Data Sources, analysis & presentation
  4. Geographic Information System (GIS)
  5. Academic Writing
  6. Environment & sustainable development

Job Portal and Discussion Forum in addition to the main website caters to a wider audience and provides a better user experience.

We are continuously adding the latest information to the website and improving the existing information. The information provided is meant to cater to the needs of students, professionals, the general public, planning enthusiasts alike. Apart from Urban Planning we frequently cover information related to:

  • Real Estate
  • Latest happening affecting human settlements
  • Job opportunity
  • Urban & Land Economics
  • Memes
  • Organizations & agencies dealing with Planning

Our Aim!

To organize and centralize the scattered information which floats on social media groups and WhatsApp. Providing one place for students, academicians, practitioners & professionals and bringing them under one roof to share the work opportunity.

Happy, Healthy & Sustainable Human Settlements

What makes us unique! 

We are the only dedicated platform which focuses exclusively on Urban, Regional & Rural Planning jobs, and internships. With the launch of our parent website and support of thousands of users spread across the globe, we aim at collecting and sharing the information for the betterment of the profession and ultimately “Happy, health & sustainable human settlements!”

Job Portal

After excellent and huge support to our main website, we are now making an attempt to provide information about jobs! Currently, in the beta stage, we aim to cover the maximum number of relevant job opportunities and internship opportunities for Planners. Visit our Job Portal

The story behind the name “Planning Tank”

The story behind “Planning Tank” is the identity of “Planning Block” of the School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi. As you might be aware that SPA Delhi is divided into 2 different blocks namely Planning Block (serves administrative purpose and classes of planning are held) and Architecture Block (classes for architecture take place here).

Within the Planning Block, almost all students hang out on “Planning Tank”, it’s actually a tank for storing water and can be considered a big raised stage with a number of messages/wishes/quotes on it by alumni of SPA Delhi. This is something which remained unchanged in the college and provides identity to the college. While discussing the idea of a website for planners and thinking about the history of Planning Education in India, the thought of keeping the name of the website as “Planning Tank” crossed our mind. The name is a part of the identity of the first ever college in India which started imparting undergrad planning education.

The website was started as the need to provide quality information to our readers. We realized the problems faced by planners and the time and efforts wasted in trying to find the required information. The need for information to be adequate, not too brief and nor too detailed. This has been kept in mind while making the website which is perfect for planners. However, if required we do provide detailed information and fulfil the custom requirement of users. The content available on the website contains topics from the various subjects taught in Planning Colleges or which we feel will be beneficial for them. We do have additional information which is added from time to time keeping in mind the changes in the professional field.

Planning Tank Online Presence  (Our Official accounts and profiles)

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  8. Planning Tank Forms (coming soon!)

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