About Us

PlanningTank is the Urban, Regional, and Rural planning knowledge base which provides insight into urban and rural areas. It focuses on educating, engaging and developing the community. PlanningTank provides information on various topics, theories, schemes and concepts of Urban Planning. It also provides various definitions and standards adopted by different departments, sample assignments on various topics related to urban and regional planning for reference of students.

We are continuously adding latest information to the website and improving the existing information. The information provided is meant to cater to needs of students, professionals, general public, planning enthusiast alike. You may check our Facebook page “PlanningTank” for all latest updates!  

History of PlanningTank

Well, the story behind it is the identity of “Planning Block” of School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi. As you might be aware that SPA Delhi is divided in 2 different blocks namely Planning Block (serves administrative purpose and classes of planning are held) and Architecture Block (classes for architecture take place here).
Within Planning Block, almost all students hangout on “Planning Tank”, it’s actually a tank for storing water and can be considered a big raised stage with number of messages/wishes/quotes on it by alumni of SPA Delhi. This is something which remained unchanged in the college and provides identity to the college. While discussing the idea of website for planners and thinking about the history of Planning education in India (first started by SPA Delhi) the thought of keeping the name of website as “planning Tank” crossed our mind. The name is a part of identity of the first ever college in India which started imparting planning education.

The website was started as the need to provide quality information to our users. We realized the problems faced by planners and the time and efforts wasted in trying to find the required information. The information needed need to be just adequate, not too brief and nor too detailed. This has been kept in mind while making the website which is perfect for planners. However if required we do provide detail information and fulfils the custom requirement of users. The content available on website contain topics from the various subjects taught in Planning Colleges or which we feel will be beneficial for them. We do have additional information which is added from time to time keeping in mind the changes in the professional field. The website is currently in very nascent stage because of lack of content writers as planners are hard to find 🙂

About new identity

As urban planning deals with creating better human settlements we wanted to incorporate this in the identity of our website. Planning Tank over all focuses on human settlements or urban areas depicted by the buildings after the name “planning Tank”. Below this we have different images depicting recycle, wind mill, Solar panels, reuse, energy, water, electricity, trees which are integral part of human life and needs to be taken care of while planing for both urban and rural areas. When all these are taken into consideration the overall quality of life within the planned area improves!
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