Structure Plan & Local Plan

The social, economic and physical system of an area, so far as they are subjected to planning control and influence. Eg. distribution of population, activities and relationship between them.

Function of Structure Plan

  • To interpret national and regional policies.
  • To establish aimms, policies and general progress for an area for which plan is being prepared.
  • Providing framework for more detailed policies and proposals for local plan
  • Indicating action area which are priority area for intensive action present in structure plan
  • Providing basis for coordinating decisions between various committees, planning authorities and district councils and other public bodies.
  • Bringing main planning issues and decisions before the ministers and the public.
  • Providing guidance for development control in these parts of the areas which are not covered/ not yet covered in a local plan.

Function of Local Plan

Local plan is concerned with more detailed implementation of policies and proposals. Responsibility of planning authority to develop and adopt the local plan after the approval of structure plan. Approval of minister is not required but minister has power to call any local plan for examination and approval.

Function of local plan

  1. To provide the strategic policy framework for planning.
  2. To ensure that provision for development is realistic and consistent with policies.
  3. To secure consistency with national policies.
  4. Applying strategy of structure plan that local plan will develop policies and proposals contained in the structure plan.
  5. Providing detailed basis for development control. Eg. Standards and other criteria will be precisely stated.
  6. Providing basis for coordinating development
  7. Bringing local and detailed planning issue before the public, inform property owners and developers and how their interests will be effected.
  8. Firm land allocation will be made.