Scope & Purpose of Perspective Plan as per UDPFI guidelines

What is a Perspective Plan

Perspective planning is a blueprint regarding the objectives and targets of long run growth. The perspective plan is not just a plan, rather to attain certain objectives and targets; the perspective plan is divided into certain smaller plans. A Perspective Plan is a long term (20-25 years) written document supported by necessary maps and diagrams providing the state government the goals, policies, strategies and general programmes of the urban local authority regarding spatio-economic development of the settlement under its governance.

Scope & Purpose of Perspective Plan

The scope of this plan covers social, economic and spatial development goals, policies and priorities relating to all those urban activities that have spatial implications or, in other words, that require land for their location and desired functioning. It also covers long-term policies regarding development of infrastructure and resource mobilization that are necessary to promote these urban activities. Great care is always taken in this plan to minimize the conflict between the environmental protection and urban development.

The basic purpose of a perspective plan is to provide a policy framework for further detailing and it serves as a guide for urban local authority in preparation of the development plan.

A perspective plan should generally be for a period of 20 years and the plan period of 20-25 years should be so adjusted that it coincides with the term of the National/State Five Year Plans. This will facilitate integration of spatial and economic policy planning initiatives.

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T: Base year taken as the year of commencement of the state Urban & Regional Planning (revised) Act whereunder a municipality shall assume the status of a planning & development authority.
N: Number of remaining years of a current Five Year Plan counted from the base year T.
N5, n10 … : n+5, n+10 ..
Pi, Pj …. : Successive Five Year Plans for five Periods I, j

*The perspective plan has been explained as per UDPFI guidelines in India. Other countries might have a different meaning for it.

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