Urban Planning Job Description

Urban Planning Jobs

Urban planning jobs vary widely in a number of private, government, non-government organizations. Development authorities and Town & Country Planning Department of state govt. are the major recruiters of town planners. Planning jobs can vary widely, and can have many differing job titles, such as:
• City/town/urban planner
• Community development officer
• Environmental planner
• Land use planner
• Municipal planner
• Planning director
• Planning consultant
• Regional planner
• Transportation planner

Urban Planning Job description/ Urban Planning Jobs

The working area for urban planner/ town planner is huge and vary greatly on basis of location and specialization of an urban planner. Town planning or Urban Planning is an emerging career with a golden future. There is a huge demand and supply gap in planners all over the world. The demand is most in developing countries followed by developed countries. Typical Urban Planner jobs description is provided below.

Planning is a collective process between city leaders and residents to envision a better future. Such decisions are often hard — we must decide which needs are most important to best prepare for the future and then plan carefully how to use our time, money, and other resources.

An urban planner or town planner can

  • Prepare Master plans, Regional plans, Sector plans, District and Neighborhood plans.
  • Prepare Physical layout plans for residential, Commercial, Institutional, Recreational, Industrial areas and Tourism Development plans.
  • Conduct of Socio-economic impact assessment and Demographic studies.
  • Prepare Environmental Impact Assessment, Site Analysis and Environmental Audit Reports
  • Conduct of transportation and Traffic management studies.
  • Direct and control the Process of City Development.
  • Do City Management
  • Do Waste Management
  • Prepare Slum Improvement programmes and housing projects.
  • Prepare feasibility reports and planning briefs.
  • Advocate for Communities and Individuals.
  • Provide Professional advice for real estate/Property developers.
  • Disaster Risk Assessment and Emergency Management.
  • Do Street naming and property numbering.
  • Control of outdoor advertisement
  • Preserve/conserve historical sites

Urban Planners or Town Planners try to balance the built environment and conserve natural and built heritage to create diverse, vibrant and sustainable places where people want to live, work and play. Balance means poise, stability, fairness, neutrality – all qualities indispensable for planners.

 Jobs for Urban Planners

Work of a town planner/Urban Planner

  • Design our towns and cities to  promote healthy lifestyles and provide a better quality of life
  • Help to regenerate socially-deprived areas and creating new jobs
  • Manage development and help in providing affordable housing
  • Frame policies to reduce the effects of climate change helping to protect our environment
  • Create policies for managing traffic and providing sustainable solutions to our transport needs
  • Improves energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions in our homes, factories, and businesses
  •  Increase community and people participation in making policies which affect everyone.

To know more about urban planner job description you may watch the video below:

Firms/ Companies offering Urban Planning Jobs 

Some of the well-known and reputed firms are mentioned below. You can find the updated contact details of firms from their respective website. You may consider emailing your CV to the below-mentioned companies on the contact information mentioned on their websites:

  2. MHRD
  3. TCPO
  4. REPL
  5. ESRI
  6. GIZ
  8. MoUD
  9. FeedBack Infra
  10. MCD
  11. PWD
  12. IIHS
  13. CSE
  14. CURE
  15. NCRPB
  16. DDA
  17. HUDA
  18. NIUA
  19. NF Infratech
  20. JLL
  21. I-Trans
  22. HCL
  23. Centre for Policy Research
  24. ASEM
  25. Asian Centre for Organization Research and Development (ACORD)