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TBS Land Airbus

TBS Land Air Bus

What is TBS Land Airbus?

The “TBS Land Airbus” is a concept of a large train-like vehicle that straddles roadways, requiring neither elevated tracks nor tunnels. It sits on stilts that connect to either side of the road, allowing regular cars to freely pass underneath it. The vehicle will move along fixed tracks at a speed of about 25 miles per hour.

Benefits of TBS Land Airbus?
TBS Land Airbus will have several benefits to state and environment.

Money Saver

This idea will save the money needed in constructing flyovers and bridges.

Time Saver

It will save valuable time by reducing congestion from urban roads, thus help us in reaching our destination faster.

Eco Friendly

TBS Land Airbus will run on electricity thus preventing air pollution. This will be like running a metro will prevent air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels.

Other benefits

It will at the same time save land resource which is most valuable for an urban planner.

When will TBS Land airbus will become reality?

TBS China recently published this video which has more details about the concept. It remains uncertain when this project will transform from “concept” to “reality” which would run on roads and make an impact on the way we travel!