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Shaping Indian Cities: Planning and Design with Smart City Technologies

Shaping Indian Cities Thesis

Thesis Title: Shaping Indian Cities:  Planning and Design with Smart City Technologies Aim: As an urbanist, the aim was to insert the smarter elements/ approach in the city through combination of bottom-up and top-down approach. Objectives To find out the details about Indian Smart city proposal and analyse the strengths and weaknesses. To understand the universal

Informal and Formal Settlements (Indian Context)

Abstract: Many of the significant urban transformations of the new century are taking place in the developing world. In particular, informality, once associated with poor squatter settlements, is now seen as a generalized mode of metropolitan urbanization. This article focuses on urban informality and challenges of dealing with the “unplannable” exceptions to the order of

Effect On Quality Of Life Of Seemapuri Slum Dwellers Upon Relocation

Aim:  To evaluate the quality of life in slums pre-relocation as well as post-relocation of slum dwellers of Seemapuri. Objectives:  To discuss the existing living conditions of urban poor in the study area, i.e, Seemapuri To study existing policies for slums in Delhi. To analyse the relocation process and its effect on life of urban