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5 Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Importance of Environmental Education

Many people are leading more sustainable lives by practicing more environmentally friendly habits. Some countries are also practicing sustainability to preserve their environment and resources for the future generation. Some practices of leading more sustainable lives are reducing plastic waste and also using resources wisely such as planting more trees and not wasting food particles.

Understanding Urban Resilience | Theories & Example

Urban Resilience - Disaster

Introduction – Resilience in Cities  Urban resilience is a method for cities to recover from hardships to their normal state. Cities have different ways of dealing with resilience and different cities face hardships in different ways. Recently, the most widely recognised ways of resilience are from Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and Terrorism. This is because

The growth of LED lighting for cities worldwide

New York City Light

Lighting is becoming a prominent electric component used to illuminate cities worldwide. Public lighting accounts for nearly 50% of the electricity consumption in cities and 19% of global electricity use. The major sources of light that have been consistently used throughout the world are electrical filaments, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), plasma, incandescent lamps or gas which

Sustainable Technologies Quiz

Sustainability Quiz

Talking about sustainability is not enough.  Just “Talking” is what most people do and some don’t even realise the true meaning of the term. Whereas there are large number of people and groups who are trying their best to bring it into action! If you are a sustainability enthusiast, take our quiz, share with your

With empty buildings Sustainability becomes a word empty of meaning

Empty Building

Intensifying occupancy – an answer to growing population Accommodating urban challenges through adaptation and rehabilitation already became a common practise. Historic heritage, post industrial sites are often requalified, being given new life, new function, new activities. The same goes with urban space, where planners often look into empty parking lots, space cut out from the