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Shaping Indian Cities: Planning and Design with Smart City Technologies

Shaping Indian Cities Thesis

Thesis Title: Shaping Indian Cities:  Planning and Design with Smart City Technologies Aim: As an urbanist, the aim was to insert the smarter elements/ approach in the city through combination of bottom-up and top-down approach. Objectives To find out the details about Indian Smart city proposal and analyse the strengths and weaknesses. To understand the universal

Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) in Smart Cities

Pillars of Smart City

Why make our traditional cities “Smart” Cities are spatial, cultural, social , economic, political, legal, democratic and ecological system. Spatial System can be studied from land use and urban networks and services. Cities have abilities to uplift any nation, converting cities to smarter cities makes smarter nations by planning, management, governance and development systems. At

Smart Cities and the Impact of Integrating Technology into Cities

Smart City & technology

Most modern consumers are well aware of the concept of the smart home. By installing smart home technology into their home, consumers will gain more control and will also be able to retrieve vital information about their home’s energy consumption. Of course, a single residential dwelling is a small component of the bigger community. Smart