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Understanding Urban Resilience | Theories & Example

Urban Resilience - Disaster

Introduction – Resilience in Cities  Urban resilience is a method for cities to recover from hardships to their normal state. Cities have different ways of dealing with resilience and different cities face hardships in different ways. Recently, the most widely recognised ways of resilience are from Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and Terrorism. This is because

Jane Jacob’s vision for cities

Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs grew to fame after her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities. But what really was her vision? To create a social hub and community-oriented cities rather than cities that are built for vehicles and transport. She encouraged liveability rather than convenience. Her famous quote “eyes on the street” suggests that

Community Participation | Types, Process & Facilitation

Community Participation

Community participation is provided and facilitated by various legal provisions. In many countries constitution provides the basic framework for empowerment of both the urban local government and the citizens. The mechanism of creation of Wards Committees, local groups, self help groups etc provides the structure for citizens’ participation. Institutions of local government are highly participatory, primarily