What is Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal energy is most heard term in science. Geothermal is a combination of two words where ‘geo’ means earth and ‘thermal’ means temperature. Thus geothermal energy is associated with the existence of earth. It is present since the time Earth is living. We need to know the structure of the earth before knowing what exactly geothermal is.

An earth is divided into three main portions. We can take an example of a boiled egg.  if you cut half a boil egg you will egg into three portions, the yolk, the white and the skin of egg that we peel. Similarly, when we view earth, it has core as egg has yolk, then mantle as white and the thin crust as the egg have shell.

The outer layer of the earth is crust. Right below the crust starts mantle and the first layer of mantle is hot liquid rock called magma. the crust of the earth basically floats on this hot liquid rock, when this magma breaks through the surface  of earth in volcano, it is called lava.

As we proceed to go deep in the ground, the temperature keeps rising of the hot liquid rock. That is if you go 100 meters down the temperature rises 3 degrees Celsius. If we move 10,000 feet down the ground the temperature of the liquid rock is that hot to boil the water.

Some times the water comes intact with the hot liquid rock deep down the earth, this makes the water hot as well and it turns to boiling water or steam. The extent the water gets heated reaches 148 degree Celsius, this water is more hot than boiling temperature, but it doesn’t turn into steam as there is no air deep down the ground. The hot water often comes up on the earth wit ha crack, it is called hot spring and is observed as Emerald Pool at Yellow stone National Park or it gets exploded up in air like Old faithful geyser. There are a lot of stories attached with the hot spring of different people from world. People enjoyed considered the geyser type explodes as sacred in California, the native American tribes were concerned with hot springs and Paleo-Indians used the hot springs as cooking area. Moreover Japanese took the hot spring as source of relaxation and took hot baths and Romans as well build buildings in the zone to take hot baths and take leisure.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal in today’s world:

Geothermal has a lot of utilities in today’s daily life. Geothermal heated water is used in pools and spas meant for health. Moreover, the hot water is mostly utilized to heat up the building walls in cold areas. That is hot water is passed through the pipes that keeps the building heated. This method is used in animal shelters, retirement homes, halls and hotels.  In Iceland, there are abundant hot springs and geysers that are quite useful. Geothermal water is also useful in supplying heat to the land area where plants grow.

Geothermal Electricity:

The geothermal electricity is useful and consumes less fuel, in the continents like San Francisco where geysers and hot springs are found most, creating electricity is possible and also convenient. The pipes are inserted deep down the ground where the hot water level reaches. The geothermal power plant is regular provider of electricity. The electricity created is supplied to schools, hotels, malls and other local areas in the region.