Different Uses & Types of Solar Lanterns

The solar energy is being used to generate power since too long now. The solar energy is converted into power through the use of solar cells or solar panels. These solar cells or panels are now in use of almost every electrical and electronic gadget.

For instance, we can see solar lights, solar tube wells, solar emergency lights, and solar lantern as well. These gadgets are of great use and consume only solar energy which is acquired through the solar cells attached to the devices. This article is dedicated to having an overview of different kinds of solar lanterns.

Types of Solar Lanterns

Solar Lantern for Home

There is a huge variety of solar lantern for home. The solar lanterns are coming in a variety of designs and features which are being installed in the homes. For example, some of the solar lanterns are having a power bank with it which is getting charged during the daylight and when there is no solar energy available at night, the power bank is used for the lighting up of the lantern.

Moreover, the solar lanterns can be installed in a variety of places in the house such as ceiling, walls, veranda, inside Almira’s, and on the roof etc.

Solar Lantern for Camping

Do you like camping in high mountains? If yes then you would require to have a source of light high up in the mountains or hilly areas, or even in plain areas to monitor your place constantly and do the needful tasks. For this purpose, you can have the solar lanterns which would enable you to have a look at the entire camping area.

The solar lanterns for camping are having bright light and you could easily see things up to 30 meters radius, however, the brightness depends on the solar lantern that you are using.

If you want to have the light covering more area, then you need to use the solar lanterns of a higher power. Moreover, the solar lanterns for camping are having heavy duty power bank for storage of power.

Solar Lantern for Garden

If you are having a garden and want to light it up during the night, then you have the best choice in terms of solar lanterns. Yes, the solar lanterns which are available in the different color of light and different designs. You can choose the solar lanterns of your choice from a variety of designs and shapes.

The performance of the solar lanterns for the garden is highly dependent on the design you would choose. This is because the solar lanterns which are having attractive colors and designs are often not performing well when it comes to brightness and efficiency.

Moreover, you got a choice that you make a single power storage for all the solar lanterns that you would install in the garden or you would have separate power bank for each. It is recommended that a single power bank is enough for the lights to charge and provide power to light up al lights at night.

Solar Lantern for Graves

You may have seen lights over graves in the graveyards, right? Most of these lights would be based on the normal electricity powered. However, now you have a choice to have the solar lanterns for the graves of your dear ones. The solar lanterns for graves are in a variety of shapes and designs.

However, mostly the solar lanterns having the shape of a cross is preferred to be installed on the graves. These solar lanterns are autonomous i.e. these lanterns light up at night and when there is sunlight the lights get off automatically. These solar lanterns are having power bank which makes it work at night.

Solar Lantern for Lawn Jockey

Lawn jockeys are in great use these days. The lawn jockeys are the small statue that is installed either at the main gate or at different places in the lawn. The jockeys are for the purpose of beauty and for the safety of lawn from birds as well.

There are different solar lanterns available for lawn jockeys which can either be installed inside the body of jockey or over the body. However, it is recommended that the solar lanterns may be installed inside the body of a jockey so that when the lantern lights up, the jockey has emissions of different colors out of its body.

Solar Lantern for Patio

The patio is the outdoor place for having a gathering. The patios are not part of every house but the houses which are big enough. There are different solar lanterns available for patios. You can either install these solar lanterns under the glass table, over the roof or in the sides.

Moreover, you can contact some interior designer to install the solar lanterns at perfect places on the patio so as to enhance the beauty and fulfill the necessity of lighting up the patio at night as well.

Solar Lantern with Hand Crank

The solar lanterns with hand crank are actually based on the design of the old lanterns which were used years ago by our grandparents. The solar lanterns are having a hand crank which is for holding and carrying it. The solar lanterns are available in antique and attractive designs having a hand crank.

These solar lanterns can be known as the real lanterns because they are having a shape of the ancestral lanterns which were used before being operated either or local oil or kerosene oil.

Solar Lantern with Radio

Have you ever heard of the solar lanterns with radio? If not, then you get to know that some of the solar lanterns are best for entertainments as well because these are coming with the built-in radio which you can play whenever you want.

These solar lanterns are having a power storage device with it so as to charge up and stay active when the solar energy is not available. The radio is working on the frequency of ordinary radio and has both mediums of AM and FM whichever you desire to listen.