How Does Solar Wind Turbine Work

The wind turbines are operating on very simple principle i.e. the energy from the wind is converted into electrical energy with the help of wings or blades which are rotating when air strikes it. The wings or blades are propeller like in shape and are connected to the rotor.

Moreover, the rotor is then connected to the main shaft which is spinning the generator for the creation of electricity. There are two types of wind turbines, i.e. on having the propeller wings moving in vertical motion and the other moving in the horizontal direction.

However, it is a matter of fact that the wind turbines are creating a lot of noise and is the reason why installed in remote areas where the air flow is fast.

Working of a Solar Wind Turbine

Now, you may be interested to know the way wind turbines are making electricity. The technique is too simple to understand. You can take the working of the wind turbine as the opposite working of the ceiling or standalone fan.

The wings or propeller-shaped blades of the wind turbines are making electricity from the wind flow. The wind is turning the blades in either direction which in turns spins the shaft being connected to the generator making or producing electricity.

Basically, the wind is the form of solar energy as the sun is resulting an uneven heating in the atmosphere which in turns make irregularities in the atmosphere of the earth as well as its rotation.

There is a great irregularity in the pattern of the wind motion all through the world. For instance, the wind speed is different in the United States than the rest of the world, similarly, the wind pattern is different in different countries.

Solar Wind Turbine

How to make solar Wind Turbine?

The making of wind turbine depending on the scale of your purpose. For instance, if you are required to make a wind turbine for your house needs, then the shape and design would be different and if you want to make it for a larger scale then you need bigger infrastructure. However, the wind turbine is consisting of some basic features and parts which is same for all wind turbines.

First of all, the wind turbines need to have at least three propeller based blades. The next part is the rotating shaft to which these blades are connected and the shaft is further connected to the generator at the other end. The generator is then mounted on a large and stable support.

Wind Turbine vs Solar Cells

For the large-scale applications and solutions, the wind turbines can be considered as the best and ultimate solution to add power to the national grid. Moreover, the large-scale wind turbines are the most effective and can be easily installed in a variety of different locations comprising of faraway areas near sea till areas in the high mountains.

Not like the wind turbines that were used before, the current wind turbines are having the capacity to generate up to 2 MW enough for 2000 homes. While the solar cells acquired power is better for the small-scale applications. Mostly the solar cells electricity generation is better to be used in the houses for local power generation. You can only acquire power from the solar cells when there is the availability of the sun.

Solar and Wind Turbine Hybrid System

There is another application of the wind turbines that these can be used in a hybrid system together with the solar grid. For instance, in the United States, the speed of wind is different in different areas and in different seasons. In hybrid system of solar and wind turbines, there is always a chance that you would constantly generate power because either sun or wind would be available anytime.

Therefore, when the speed of wind is fast, or during the night you could generate the power through wind and when the sun gazes you could generate power through solar panels.

Most of the hybrid systems are standalone systems, i.e. these systems are operating in the off-grid connection. It means that when the system is not connected to the grid. In rare cases, when there is no wind or solar gaze available, these hybrid systems are throwing the energy into the grid with its batteries which are used for the power storage when there is enough solar gaze or wind.

Solar Wind Turbine Generator

At the time when the wind is not available or is not available in its full thrust, then the solar energy is doing the job of striking the turbine generator. The solar is a clean and reliable source being used for backup to operate the turbines for power generation.

At the durations when both sun and wind energies are available, the backup batteries of the grid are charging at a faster rate. There is a different per Watt criterion for different solar panels i.e. some solar panels are costly while some are cheap and its performance does not depend on the cost but the efficiency of the array of solar cells.

It is a fact that the solar panels are requiring less amount of maintenance. The maintenance either be related to technical concepts or its cleaning. However, in case of wind turbines, these are requiring only periodic service of its rotatory parts. The conditions of weather are different in different areas and are unpredictable as well. Therefore, you are required to check the weather conditions regularly for making the solar wind turbine work efficiently.

Solar and Wind turbine Charge Controller

The charge controllers are the major entity of either solar or wind power stations. The charge controllers are used for the prevention purposes to avoid overcharging or drainage of the batteries so that the life of battery banks may be prolonged.

In a case when there are no charge controllers in the wind turbines, solar turbines, or the hybrid turbines, then there is always a danger that an avalanche current may flow through the system and result in disruption of the entire system.