Solar Radio – Its Use & Advantages

The solar radio is basically solar powered based radio and it first came into existence back in the 1950s when General Electric first made an experimental model having a weight of 50 ounces. The solar radio was capable of working without any electric or dc power. The radio was basically having an array of seven solar cells, 4 transistors, and a small rechargeable battery. The solar radio was so fine in working that it could work without any proper light and once its battery was fully charged, it could have worked for a week.

Whereas at the end of 1954, the western electric began to have the solar radios available in markets for commercial purposes and began to give the licenses. Along with the commercial sale of solar radios, the western electric also began to sell other photovoltaic technological equipment. Whereas, the Acopian Technological Corporation was the first ever company who have made the solar radios for the commercial sale for the general public.

Solar Radio Working

The solar radios are also working on the same frequency bands as the traditional battery operated or electricity operated radios. We are already aware that the emission of radio waves is accessed by a two-way process where the electrostatic oscillations are first excited near the plasma frequency.

For instance, through the energetic electronic beam, and after that, the Langmuir wave energy is converted into the electromagnetic radiations with the help of nonlinear wave interactions. The plasma radiation occurs at or above the plasma frequency and the second harmonic but is rarely happening at the higher harmonics.

The radio frequency for different countries is different, however, for most of the countries, the radio frequencies are same. There is basically two types of radio frequency modulation one being Amplitude Modulation (AM) and the other being Frequency Modulation (FM). For most of the countries across the globe the frequency band for FM is from 88.0 MHZ till 108 MHZ but in Japan, the FM band is from 76 MHZ to 90 MHZ, whereas the band of AM for most of the countries is 540 kHz to 1600 kHz.

Solar Radio

Solar Radio Advantages

The solar radios were having several advantages over traditional radios, once being the elimination of the need of having batteries for the operation, which made the radios ideal and low cost for the general public. Moreover, the solar radios are not having any requirement of the plugs and more often of any batteries, therefore, these radios were best to be used in areas where there was no grid and generators.

These advantages were compelling people to use the solar radios in the remote areas where they would have an increased access to new of current affairs, sports, and entertainments. The radios were to on-air numerous informative programs on different issues. Therefore, the solar radios became an ultimate source of the improvement of lives in urban and rural areas equally since its invention.

Solar Radio with Cell Phone Charger

These days the solar radios are having numerous other features as well apart from being radio. For instance, the new feature of solar radios is that these can be used as power banks for the cellphones and tablets. It is a fact that the solar radios are having own solar cells which acquire the energy from sunlight and then charge batteries.

The batteries of the solar radio can be used for charging the cellphones. All you need is to connect the solar radio to your cell phone with a charging cable which is having an OTG connector on one side and USB connector at the other side.

Therefore, it can be said that the solar radios these days are more than just radios and are a multi-functioned gadget which can be used for amusement and emergency battery bank for other gadgets as well. You can charge the batteries of solar radio from the sunlight in daytime and use the radio as a source of information and entertainment at night along with charging your cell phone.

Solar Radio with USB

As already mentioned, the solar radios these days are multi-functioned, some radios are also having a USB connector in it. The connector is mostly used for the charging purposes i.e. when the solar radio is capable to behave as a power bank as well.

Moreover, the USB connector can be set for a number of other functions as well. For instance, some of the solar radios are having the capability to behave as your external data storage device. Therefore, in such cases, the USB cable connector will help you to connect the solar radio with any device from which you will transfer the data that you want to store on to the memory of the solar radio.

One of the other advantages of solar radio with USB can be that you may connect it to the headset having USB connector and by doing so, you can listen to your favorite stuff without disturbing anyone, anywhere.

Solar Radio with Bluetooth

Well, have you ever thought of a solar radio having a Bluetooth? Yes, you heard it right, these days some of the solar radios are having an additional feature of the Bluetooth module. Now there can be abundant advantages of having a Bluetooth module in your solar radio.

First of all, if you are having a Bluetooth headset then you can connect the radio via Bluetooth medium to the headset so that you would listen to your favorite music, informative programs, or news in privacy. The solar radios are awesome if you are traveling in a public transport and you may connect it to your Bluetooth enabled headset and listen whatever is broadcasted.

Another advantage can be that you may connect the solar radio to speakers having Bluetooth module. You can have fun at parties of your friends and families when you would connect the solar radio with Bluetooth to the speakers having Bluetooth medium and enjoy loud music.