How Does Solar Power Bank Work

The solar power banks are a great source of keeping your gadgets charged so that you can keep in touch with your loved ones through gadgets such as laptops, cellphones, and tablets etc.

Working of Solar Power Bank

However, the solar panels are not capable to transfer the energy to your devices directly, therefore you have to collect the energy in power banks that are acquired through solar panels and then charge the devices.

But the question is how is the solar power bank working? On which principle the solar banks are storing the energy acquired from the sun, stored in the power banks, and then the devices are charged. The following is the step by step guide through which solar banks are charged and works.

First of all, you have to know the solar energy and batteries should be customized so as to fit your needs and requirements. Each portion of the solar system is dependent on the application of your requirement and the system itself.

Therefore, the battery bank is dependent on the load and the time for which it has to be used. There are different tools which can help you to design the solar system for your requirements such as the solar calculator which would help you figure out how many small panels you would require in the power bank and how you would apply mechanism from overcharging of batteries.

Now, assuming that you have got the setup for your solar power bank, the next step is to have the controller for its charge. The charge controllers are helping to prevent the overcharging of the power banks and enhance its life. While to set up the battery bank, you are required to have battery banks together.

You have to connect the batteries in series to the requirement you desire, e.g. 2000mah etc. Tight the cables and then tight in a security box to fulfill the safety requirements and avoid all sorts of short circuits. It is recommended that you have to draw a diagram of the power bank that you intend to design so that it may help you to simplify the process.

It is a matter of fact the Lithium Ions batteries using numerous cathodes and electrolytes. The most common combinations used to use an anode of Lithium and cathode of Lithium Cobalt whereas the electrolyte being used is of Lithium salt. Moreover, the prismatic batteries are having the anode and cathode to be enclosed in the rectangular enclosure for safety.

Solar Power Bank for Hiking

The solar banks are of great use especially you are going out on long vacations and there is a danger that your electronic gadgets may run out of power. Therefore, you are required to have solar powered charge banks in such cases to fulfill your needs. The solar power banks would be best for you in cases if you are going in the deserted area, going on a hike, and or going to wild places.

Solar Power Bank for Home

Well, the solar power banks are not only limited to charge your gadgets when you are away, however, the solar power banks could be of great use when you are at home. These days there are numerous gadgets which you can charge through these solar power charge banks such as DC fans etc.

Solar Power Bank for Laptop

There are numerous solar banks available these days which you can use for charging your laptops in case of emergencies when you don’t have a direct power source such as electricity and either you don’t have charge in the built-in batteries. The solar power bank for laptop having capacity of 20,000 mAh is the best for laptops.

Because of its power capacity, the solar bank is capable of delivering almost 10 hours of charging to your laptop. There is a handy button in the power bank which is showing you the amount of charge left in the solar bank. The best part is that you can charge and use the power bank simultaneously by placing the power bank in sunlight.

The solar power bank has 4W polycrystalline solar panels having a charging time of around 3 hours to charge the power bank 100 percent. The battery is of 3.7 volts. The output port is working at voltages from 3V up to 24 v and the output current is from 1A to 4A.

Solar Power Bank for iPhone

As we all know that iPhone and all other Apple devices are dedicated and need to be taken care off well. Therefore, in the case when you are less on the charge in your iPhone, then you have to consider best available solar power banks available in the market to charge your device.

Solar Power Bank with Light

There are numerous solar power banks which are multi-purpose i.e. apart from using them as charging your devices, you can also use it for other purposes such as emergency light. Some solar banks are having built-in LED lights which can be used in cases when you don’t have a light source when it’s dark.