Benefits of Solar Fountains

Solar fountains are becoming popular nowadays. A garden or a park may look incomplete without a fountain. The fountains are also used in hotels and building fronts to improve the view.The conventional fountains are powered by using electricity form the national power grid or utilizing generators.

But both of these are expensive because of the growing costs of fuel and electricity. Using a solar fountain helps you in improving the view without paying any electricity bill.

Solar Fountains

These are identical to the ordinary fountains available in the market. The only difference is that they have an additional component to power it up. These solar fountains are equipped with solar panels and may also include battery as a back up. These solar panels provide current to the pump that operates the fountain.

Principle Of Operation Of Solar Fountain

A solar fountain operates on the principle of conversion of solar energy into the electrical current. The solar panels are composed of silicon based photovoltaic cells.

When the light of the sun falls on these cells, it frees the electron. These electrons become the electric current that is used to power the pump.

Components Of Solar Fountain

A solar fountain consists of the following components.

1. Fountain

2. Pump to power the fountain

3. Solar panels that are used to convert sunlight into current.

4. A battery that is charged by the solar panels and act as a back up for night hours.

5. A wiring system that connects the solar panels to battery or the pump of the fountain.

Installation Of Solar Fountain

The installation of a solar fountain does not differ form the ordinary fountains. Only the wire that had to be connected to the power grid is instead connected to battery or solar panels. These solar panels are required to be placed in such a way that they receive the most intense sunlight. They can be placed adjacent to the fountain or may be installed at a cabin roof or specially designed beams.

Advantages Of Solar Fountain

A solar fountain provides following benefits to the users:-

1. It is cost effective and saves energy. It does not require any maintenance.

2. The system can be installed anywhere as it produces its own power. This flexibility makes it a good choice for bigger parks.

3. The solar fountains are available in all shapes and sizes and one can select the one as per his choice.