Free Landscape Design Software Tools for small business

It is essential to plan a landscape, especially if you have a project you need to complete. It helps you visualize what your landscape would look like after construction. Also, it allows you to estimate the materials required for construction in terms of type and quantity. The planning of the landscape is needed in seeking approval from the landowner and authorizes before construction begins.

When planning a landscape, you may be knowing the required specification or not. That is why you need landscape design software that helps develop ideas on how to execute landscape designing. The software will help you check whether your thoughts are compatible with the area or not. It will help create your dream landscape right from your device.

How to choose the best design landscape design software

There are several landscape design tools available to help you in designing your system. Most of the landscape design software has features that scan the picture of the whole land. It would allow you to drag and drop all the objects in the landscape. It determines the outcome of your landscape’s appearance after designing it the way you need it.

Several landscaping tools come with features that will show how your landscape will appear once the plants grow. These advanced features include the 3D effects that are virtual. They offer you an experience like you are taking a walk through the landscape.

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Reasons for free landscaping design software is useful.

It is essential to plan both the interiors and exteriors before making any renovation. The best tools will help turn your ideas into reality through simulation via virtual and augmented reality on the screens. It serves you with two main advantages. One, it will streamline the process to draft and collaborate on designs. Secondly, it will enhance the detailed presentation of the outdoor area.

These software packages will help you make a specific location, document amendments, and visualize the product. It will help you estimate the cost and time required.

It is easy changing what appears on the screen of your computer to a desirable setting. For instance, you can change seating arrangement, play area, lawn, gym, etc.

Free Landscape Design Software Tools for small business

You need good landscape design software to help you sail through with ease as you create the landscape. Here is the fantastic best free landscape design software to use for your business.

Real-time landscaping

It is one of the crucial digital diggers that offer all the necessary steps when doing landscape designs. It provides you with various professional solutions that allow the designers to create accurate models of a house and its surroundings.

Pro landscape home

The tool structures landscapes by numbers. It is straightforward to use a tool that works on iOS and Android devices. Although it has stability issues in some instances, it is free, open-source design software. It takes pictures of the areas you wish to redevelop and use them as a start point. Although it is free, it charges for access when you need the vast library of plants and pavers. It is always open for download.


For the augmented reality landscaping, this is the best tool to use. It is easy to use and free for use at home. Apart from it having augmented reality, it can be used by the iOS users. You can use your mobile to view how your new garden would look like. iScape has both the free version and the upgraded pro-version designed for professionals to enhance their services.

Designer buddy

This tool has been used to create simple diagrams and 3D illustrations that are dynamic. It later helps you move plants around without having to disturb other elements. It is more of a patio in your landscape designs. Besides, it is free, customizable, and scalable and can place varying objects in different layers. The software also has library plants, hardscapes, and other relevant materials.

Concept Draw

It is open-source landscape design software that shows your plants and compatibility with other objects. It has an extensive library of objects. That makes it possible to create a landscape plan within a short time. Besides the library, you can use the existing templates to create a unique landscape as needed. This software will allow you to create designs freely for 21 days. However, you can pay the license to buy and develop more projects.


You can download this free landscape design software for different operating systems and create a professional design. It will help you complete a high-quality landscape design with the use of authentic materials. Although it is free, it offers unlimited professional landscape designs, which means it is an appropriate tool for any person.

Smart draw

It is excellent free diagramming software that is both powerful and user-friendly. It will help you create maps, floor, project chart, flowcharts, processes, etc. it is the best alternative for the Visio- a Microsoft application.

It enables you to get automatic formats in versatile templates, which helps landscape architects develop excellent designs. You can use the download for the Windows platform or run on any internet-connected device.


 It is a professional landscape design software that has been meant for broader landscapes. You can use it to build, render, and animate real landscapes. You can come up with an incredible outdoor landscape through the use of this software. It is because you have control over every presentation.


The list mentioned above of the free and open landscape design software will help you visualize your outdoor project with ease. When you, through each tool’s details, you will determine the features and integration you need. Based on the analysis, you can narrow down to the most suitable software to apply to your requirement. For professionals, free software may not help much. Therefore, you can always consider buying the premium versions of the same. From there, you can choose the best versions of the same that will suit your company. The list of the tools explained does not include the free temporary product, like the new users’ limited trial versions.

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